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bp Announces the Goal of 100,000 Charging Points and Expansion into New Countries

The Spanish V2C aims to “lead” the charging sector and strengthen its presence in the EU

DAF XD and XF Electric to Lead Long-Distance Zero Emission Truck Demonstrator Programme

Circle K Launches Autocharge Across Scandinavia, Starting in Norway

TotalEnergies: “Unifying criteria can resolve bureaucratic challenges in charging points”

Auto Industry CEOs Set Roadmap for Future-Ready EU Mobility Ecosystem

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By Inés Platini

bp Announces the Goal of 100,000 Charging Points and Expansion into New Countries

bp is currently developing various projects to lead the electric vehicle charging sector not only in Europe but worldwide. To achieve its goals, the company will expand its presence into France.


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By Mobility Portal

Mercedes-Benz and BMW to Establish HPC Network in China

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By Javiera Altamirano

SEVA: “The Slovak government’s support for the purchase of EVs needs to be more robust”

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