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Date: June 20, 2024
XCharge launches the C7 Slim: An EV charger “never seen” on the market
By Lucía Colaluce

XCharge launches the C7 Slim: An EV charger “never seen” on the market

Under the scoop: XCharge and its revolutionary C7 Slim arrive in the world of electric vehicle charging at Power2Drive. What makes it so special? Below, Mobility Portal Europe unveils all the details.
XCharge launches the C7 Slim

XCharge, the company founded by former Tesla employees, made waves at Power2Drive, one of the sector’s most anticipated events, to announce the launch of an item poised to innovate the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry.

Albina Iljasov, head of XCharge’s European sector.

Enter the C7 Slim, a slimmer version of their already popular “C7” device, maintaining compact power in an even more streamlined design.

Albina Iljasov, Head of the company’s European sector, reveals to Mobility Portal Europe:

There’s currently nothing else on the market this size with this level of power.”

What sets this charger apart is its height of under two meters and width of just 46,7 centimeters, making the C7 Slim one of the slimmest on the market, perfect for “locations with limited space.”

Despite its reduced size, the device boasts an output of 240 kilowatt (kW), an unprecedented capacity in its category.

XCharge’s equipment will be available across Europe starting in September, with early access for select company partners.

XCharge’s C7 Slim.

What’s causing the wait?

As Iljasov explains, the team is navigating various certifications, as each market has different requirements.

Thus, the first countries to acquire the product will be France and Spain, followed by Germany and others in the future.

XCharge doesn’t operate solely in Europe, however.

They also maintain a separate team in North America handling operations in the United States and Canada, along with project management in South America.

Recently, the company expanded its presence with its first employee in Brazil.

“In addition to this, we have projects underway in countries like Peru and Chile, demonstrating our commitment to expansion across the continent,” Iljasov states.

C7 Ultra-fast DC Charger.

Additionally, XCharge presents a range of equipments including the C7 Ultra-fast DC Charger, redefining the EV charging experience with power up to 400 kW in a compact, standalone design.

This model features Dynamic Power Allocation, automatically adjusting output across both connectors to enhance user charging experience, and is PTB Eichrecht certified for maximum precision and reliability.

Ideal for Charge Point Operators (CPOs), fleets, bus depots, and truck yards.

On the other hand, the Smart DC Charger C6EU, renowned for its versatility, offers a maximum output power of 200 kW and output voltages from 150 to 1,000 volts.

Equipped with combined charging system (CCS) connectors and optionally with CHAdeMO connectors, it ensures universal compatibility and meets diverse charging needs.

Its intelligent power management enhances efficiency by automatically distributing vehicle charging speed among multiple chargers at a station, with a total capacity of up to 200 kW, optimizing outcomes.

Finally, the Net Zero series of Battery-integrated Chargers combines a Direct Current (DC) fast charger with an energy storage capacity of up to 466 kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Designed for compatibility with solar panels and bidirectional power capability to supply both the site and the grid, it is installed easily with a single connection point.

The active cooling system ensures optimal performance and durability of lithium-ion battery packs.

Meanwhile, the “Peak Shaving” function maximizes revenue and enhances grid stability, ensuring a reliable flow of electricity for all.

Where does XCharge Europe come from and where is it headed?

Since 2017, the company has stood out as a pioneer in high-power charging solutions and integrated batteries.

It has demonstrated a firm commitment to supporting industry leaders with advanced charging solutions and reliable after-sales services.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, and with an SGS laboratory in Madrid, Spain, XCharge Europe is dedicated to maintaining rigorous quality standards and strengthening its presence in improving charging operations.

The company fully complies with international standards for data security, user privacy, and third-party considerations.

It is important to mention that in Peru, they equipped the first port terminal in Latin America with award-winning C6 model stations, which will significantly contribute to reducing carbon emissions by 2,145 tons annually.

XCharge charger.

Similarly, in Madrid, it offers smart charging solutions to enhance electric bus operations.

This includes customized solutions that schedule bus “refueling” upon returning to the station to reach a predetermined level before the next departure.

The distribution of power at the port is adjusted according to urgency, considering the time until departure and the remaining charge status.

Lastly, in Berlin, XCharge optimized charging for the electric bus fleet through a network of 30 DC fast chargers, with a collective capacity exceeding three megawatts.

These are equipped with over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities, allowing the download of applications, services, and settings through wireless networks, including remote monitoring and a system for continuous, uninterrupted maintenance.

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