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Date: November 27, 2023
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500 Low-Impact Buses Arrive with the New Consip Contract for Local Public Transport in Italy

The new contract for 500 buses, including hydrogen-powered ones for the first time, is available starting today. All these units boast high technological content.
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The offering of electric buses, already available in the Consip catalogue, is enriched for the first time with hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The new contract for 500 units and, for the first time, hydrogen-powered ones is available from today.

The initiative allows local territorial administrations and public transport companies to acquire vehicles using resources provided by the Pnrr (Mission 2 – “Green Revolution and Ecological Transition” – Investment 4.4 “Renewal of Bus Fleets, Green Trains”) and aims to integrate, expanding with new types of vehicles, the offering of electric buses already available in the Consip catalogue, introducing hydrogen vehicles for the first time.

The 500 available buses are all of high technological content and feature different solutions to enhance vehicle performance and autonomy, passenger comfort, active and passive safety, and environmental impacts.

The breadth of the range and the presence of vehicles with “urban” configuration will allow meeting all types of public transport needs, allocating electric vehicles also to metropolitan and suburban-urban lines.

A total of 8 national and European economic operators participated in the tender, representing more than 80% of the reference market, with a total of 14 offers submitted.

With this initiative, the Consip’s offering of alternative fuel buses (electric, methane, and, for the first time, hydrogen) is further enriched, providing administrations with a total of over 3,000 vehicles for the ecological renewal and transition of the local transport fleet.

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