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Date: October 5, 2023
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87% of New Registrations in September in Norway Were EVs

Last month, Norway registered 9,000 new EVs, 250 units less than in August. What are the best-selling models?
Tesla Model Y Norway

In September, 87% of all new cars registered in Norway were purely electric (BEV). A total of 9,000 units were registered, which is 250 less than in August.

Compared to August, the current data shows a slight increase, with BEVs now accounting for 87% compared to the previous 83.5%.

The 10 months with the highest proportion of electric vehicles Norway.

As for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), last month saw 617 new vehicles registered, accounting for a market share of 6%.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), on the other hand, decreased slightly compared to August (6.5% market share). However, compared to September 2022, new PHEV registrations dropped even more, by 63.1%.

In summary, the total hybrids reached 442 registered units.

Regarding conventional combustion engine cars, the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV) recorded 93 new registrations for gasoline vehicles (0.9% market share) and 190 registrations for diesel vehicles (1.8% market share).

In all driving types, 10,342 new cars hit the roads of Norway in September, around 700 units less than the previous month and 29% less than in September 2022.

What were the best-selling electrified vehicles in Norway

So far this year, the Tesla Model Y has recorded 19,575 units, followed by the ID.4 with 5,832 vehicles and the Skoda Enyaq with 4,362 new registrations.

In September, the best-selling EV model was the Model Y, securing the top spot for the seventh time this year. Only in January and July was the Volkswagen ID.4 ahead.

Last month, the Model Y once again was the only to reach four digits with 2,476 registrations, accounting for nearly a quarter (23.9%) of all new registrations.

The second-place was taken by the Skoda Enyaq with 697 units registered (6,7%).

In third place was the Ford Mustang Mach-E with 493 new registrations (4,8%)

Behind them are the Toyota bZ4X with 472 vehicles (4,6% of all new registrations), the Volvo XC40 with 329 units (3,2%), the Hyundai Kona with 270 (2,6%), the Nissan Ariya with 265 (2,6%), and the Toyota Yaris with 258 (2,5%).

The Volkswagen ID.4, which usually ranks among the top three, only registered 257 new registrations in September (2,5% of all new registrations).

Best-selling car brands Norway

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