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Date: April 30, 2024
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Acciona partners with Nissan to distribute the new nanocar “Silence S04”: In which countries will it be offered?

Customers will be able to view both models of the S04, as well as the range of Silence electric motorcycles, for sale at Nissan dealerships in France and Italy in June 2024, with plans to expand to other European territories, such as Germany, starting from September.
Silence S04 nanocar

Acciona has partnered with Nissan for the distribution of its new nanocar Silence S04, a lightweight four-wheel electric vehicle designed for urban environments.

Starting from June, Nissan will have distribution rights in France and Italy for the vehicle and electric motorcycles from Silence, expanding to other European markets from September.

The alliance will enable Silence, Acciona’s electric vehicle brand, to access Nissan’s dealership network across the continent.

The S04 combines the advantages of a car with those of a motorcycle and employs a removable battery system that allows charging at home or in the office.

It is worth mentioning that Silence will expand its battery exchange service next year to other European markets, replicating its current network in Spain and reducing the initial purchase cost of its vehicles.

The battery station ecosystem already available in Spain boasts over 110 locations and around 1,110 battery exchange points.

The goal is to reach 160 stations with 1,600 battery exchange points by the end of the year.

The S04 is available in two models.

On one hand, the L7e is equipped with two batteries and offers 14 kW of power, reaching 85 kilometers per hour, with a range of 149 kilometers.

On the other hand, the L6e, which can be driven without a license, has one battery and 6 kW of power, reaching a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Offering compact electric driving and smart connectivity, the S04 also comes equipped with the My Silence app, a one-stop-shop for all owners’ needs.

Through the app, customers have access to a range of digital services, such as keyless entry, location tracking, battery range monitoring, and charge status.

It also allows customers to connect with friends and share access to their vehicle without needing to exchange keys, expanding the accessibility options of electric vehicles.

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