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Date: March 5, 2024
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ADS-TEC Energy is expanding its presence in the Nordic countries, starting with Norway

The company is partnering with Caverion – an experienced and well-known partner in the field of industrial and CPO services. ADS-TEC Energy is kick-starting the partnership by supplying ChargePost, ChargeBox and C&I energy storage systems.

ADS-TEC Energy and the Caverion Group sign a historic partnership agreement for Norway, serving as the starting point for the Nordic countries.

Together, they are driving forward the expansion of fast-charging electric mobility infrastructure in these countries.

ADS-TEC Energy’s CEO Thomas Speidel, states: “For us, Caverion represents a partner in Norway and the Nordic countries that offers quick, hands-on quality services to customers and CPOs.”

“This experienced and trusted company is the perfect partner for bringing the full range of high-quality maintenance and services to the world’s leading e-mobility market,” he adds.

Caverion, an internationally active maintenance company, will be the system integrator, taking over the commissioning and maintenance of the company’s fast-charging products with immediate effect.

The firm provides technical building services across all trades.

It plans and installs technical building systems and offers service and maintenance over the entire life cycle of a building – regardless of whether this is an office complex, industrial site or infrastructure.

Furthermore, it is a strong and trusted service provider for leading CPOs in their markets. The company has 14,500 employees at 216 locations in ten countries.

“ADS-TEC products are innovative and a good solution for our customers and partners who often have limited grid access,” states Ove Kjelby, Head of Sales E-Mobility at Caverion.

“Since they enable ultra-fast charging from limited networks, they can utilize existing infrastructure without expanding the grid. Furthermore, ADS-TEC products are a good fit for CPOs that need to renew their older chargers in a cost-efficient way, while still capitalizing on the existing infrastructure,” he adds.

He also points out the ability to level off peaks due to the products’ technical finesse: “Since ChargeBox and ChargePost can provide multi-stream revenues for our clients, we are happy to include this offer in our range of products and services.”

Fast charging without grid expansion

Fast-charging solutions from ADS-TEC Energy are an industry benchmark: the battery-buffered platform solutions offer ultra-fast charging with up to 320 kilowatts and a small footprint – without the need for complex, costly grid expansion.

This means that electric vehicles (EVs) can be charged within minutes, even if the grid power is too low for fast charging.

ADS-TEC Energy is supplying the fast-charging solutions ChargePost, ChargeBox and C&I energy storage systems.

The ChargeBox is the most compact and efficient solution in its class. Thanks to the various placement options for the system components, the grid connection can be up to 300 meters away from the charging point.

The ChargePost also enables High Power Charging (HPC) within minutes on a power-limited grid – and takes ultra-fast charging to a new level with best-in-class technologies.

With a local presence, ADS-TEC Energy and Caverion ensure fast and reliable service in Norway.

Norway is a global pioneer in e-mobility. More than 20 per cent of vehicles on Norwegian roads are now EVs.

According to an estimate from 2022, the country will need between 6,000 and 10,000 fast-charging points for EVs by 2030.

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