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Date: February 8, 2024
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Atlante and Chargemap partner to expand their electric vehicle charging services

Integrating Atlante's network into the Chargemap application will enable EV drivers in France, Italy, and Spain to plan their routes to Atlante's charging stations.
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Atlante, a company within the NHOA Group dedicated to fast and ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles in public spaces, has announced its partnership with Chargemap, the platform for electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

This will allow nearly two million users of the latter’s services to access Atlante’s charging stations, offering location and payment services.

In a joint statement, both firms explain that integrating Atlante’s network into the Chargemap application will enable EV drivers in France (where Chargemap is the most used application in the segment), Italy, and Spain to plan their routes to Atlante’s charging stations.

Additionally, they will be able to check real-time availability and, upon arrival, easily recharge through the application’s payment services.

Furthermore, both entities¬†aim for this collaboration to “pave the way for additional joint initiatives” to offer more services and “enhance the user experience of our current and future customers”.

Atlante states that it is crucial for them “to focus on offering easy-to-use and accessible chargers to an increasingly broad audience, as an incentive to the benefits that modern and emission-free electric vehicles bring”.

“We are excited to launch this collaboration with Chargemap to enhance the ease of use and accessibility of Atlante’s fast and ultra-fast charging stations in France, Italy, and Spain,” comments Atlante’s CEO, Stefano Terranova.

“Together with Chargemap, we will work to prepare our network for the mass adoption of electric vehicles, focusing on providing customers with a simple and reliable charging experience, at affordable prices,” he adds.

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