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Date: September 12, 2023
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AutoCharge and Expansion Across Europe: These Are Monta’s Projects

Monta, the operational platform driving the electric vehicle-charging ecosystem, valued at €155 million, plans to extend its presence to the rest of Europe, North America, and other regions. What solutions does Monta offer?
Monta, already operating in 20 countries across Europe, has ambitious expansion plans.

Monta, the operational platform driving the electric vehicle-charging ecosystem, is currently engaged in several new projects.

One of the initiatives the company is actively working on involves the implementation of AutoCharge.

In this manner, users of electric vehicles will only need to plug in the cable for charging to commence automatically, eliminating the need for a credit card or app.

Emile Josselin, Monta's spokesperson in Spain.
Emile Josselin, Monta’s spokesperson in Spain.

Emile Josselin, Monta’s spokesperson in Spain, stated to Mobility Portal Europe, “We believe this will revolutionize the industry by simplifying the sometimes cumbersome process of accessing a charging point. It’s a critical step in democratizing the adoption of electric vehicles.”

Another project at the forefront of Monta’s efforts is the expansion across the entirety of Europe with the PowerBank solution.

Josselin explained, “The power supply infrastructure has been grappling for years to meet the demands of a growing population, and we don’t want EV charging to exacerbate this issue.”

For this reason, the company has devised a proactive solution that detects grid imbalances and briefly pauses ongoing home charging to prevent blackouts.

This solution is currently in beta testing across more than 3600 residential charging points in Denmark and Sweden, with plans for further market implementations.

It’s important to note that the firm, already operating in 20 countries across Europe, has ambitious expansion plans.

They are set to launch in Spain soon and have intentions to extend their presence into other European and North American markets.

Josselin expressed, “We are thrilled by the rapid growth of the company, founded in September 2020 and now valued at €155 million. This is just the beginning of our journey.”

Furthermore, Monta is actively working to elevate SmartCharging to a new level.

They stated, “SmartCharging is often used as a buzzword. Some providers claim to offer it simply by providing information about available renewable energy on the grid, which is insufficient.”

Monta aims to take this concept further, enabling users to select preferences such as prioritizing renewable energy, cost-effectiveness, low emissions, or a combination thereof.

This flexibility to adjust preferences and automatically charge the vehicle’s battery is a feature not offered by all providers.

Although Monta’s SmartCharging feature is available in most markets, “there are some regional differences affecting its usage.”

For instance, in areas with fixed electricity pricing, the impact of SmartCharging differs.

The firm hopes this will change in the future.

Monta's Product Mockup.
Monta’s Product Mockup.

The UK’s “largest charging point transition”

In February, it was announced that Monta and Rolec EV would join forces to install over 20,000 charging points in the UK for this year.

This means that both current and new Rolec customers will have access to innovative electric vehicle charging software solutions.

“Together, we will embark on the largest transition of charging points to the Monta platform, and existing customers will transition seamlessly,” commented the team.

From a business perspective, this means that electric vehicle drivers and Rolec charging point administrators will have access to Monta’s features, such as setting prices and collecting payments, making charging and management more convenient.

The platform also enables businesses with electric fleets to stay charged no matter where the driver is located.

From a consumer standpoint, Rolec drivers will have access to thousands of charging points in Monta’s network, with the ability to receive an instant refund for their charging through the company’s wallet.

More About Monta

The company’s primary differentiator is that it exclusively provides software.

“We are hardware-agnostic, which means our software works with over 330 different charging point models,” stated Monta.

When they started in 2020, this approach was very different from the industry, as software companies typically worked with only a few charging point models. In this sense, it can be said that the company “set the standard for interoperability.”

It’s worth mentioning that Monta’s software is one of the “most reliable and stable” in the industry.

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