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Date: March 27, 2024
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Construction of the Battery Cell Innovation Laboratory begins at the Renault Group’s Technical Centre in Lardy

This centre of excellence and innovation will enable the creation of prototypes and the evaluation of battery cells and help anticipate technological advances. It will play a key role in the development of the next generations of EVS from the group's brands.
Battery Cell Innovation Laboratory Renault Group's Technical Centre in Lardy

The construction of the InnovationBattery Cell Laboratory began this March at the Renault Group Technical Centre in Lardy, Essonne, France.

The laboratory will be fully operational in the second half of 2025, playing a key role in supporting the
development of the next generations of the Group’s electric vehicles.

It will be strategic to define the best compromise between performance, cost, durability and safety of the future batteries and anticipate technological advances in the field of cells.

It will strengthen the expertise of Renault Group and its subsidiary Ampere in evaluating the processes of cell suppliers: identifying technological innovations and ensuring optimal quality and production levels, while controlling costs.

With a surface area of 3,000 m2, on two levels, the building will house more than 120 equipments including a 600 m² anhydrous laboratory room; It will cover two complementary activities:

  • A first activity of prototyping cells
  • And a second electro-physico-chemical characterization activity allowing the evaluation of the
    performances and the behavior of the cells (durability, fast charge, disassembly and internal analysis
    of the cells, understanding of the mechanisms, etc.)

“The InnovationBattery Cell Laboratory will be a major asset for Ampere. It will contribute to the control of the electric vehicle value chain at a time when expertise in terms of battery technologies is a real factor of
competitiveness,” says Philippe Brunet, SVP Powertrain & EV Engineering at Ampere.

“The realization of this tool, at the forefront of innovation in equipment, represents a challenge for the teams of the Group’s Testing Department. The Innovation Battery Cell Laboratory has all the new test technologies and equipment to integrate advances and anticipate battery chemistry,” states Sabine Calvo, VP Engineering Performance, Regulation, Validations & Digital Transformation at Renault Group.

About Ampere

Ampere is the first European company specialising in electric vehicles and software.

Part of Renault Group, the firm designs, develops, manufactures and markets under the Renault brand full electric vehicles featuring cutting-edge software technology, accessible to all.

The customer experience, as well as social and environmental impact, are embedded throughout the vehicle development process to ensure they align with the brand’s commitment to its customers, the planet and those living on it.

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