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Date: January 16, 2024
By Ailén Pedrotti
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Be Charge anticipates that CPOs and local councils will obtain “more streamlined” authorizations for eMobility

For Plenitude, Spain is a priority market when it comes to electric mobility, as Guido Borra, Business Development Manager Iberia at Be Charge, makes clear in a conversation with Mobility Portal España.

Be Charge, the subsidiary for eMobility services of Eni Plenitude, is already present in 12 countries with 12 offices.

Taking advantage of global experience and knowledge, they work to create one of the largest charging infrastructure networks in Europe.

Some time ago, they secured funding of 100 million euros to build a high-speed European electric vehicle charging network.

It will be present in eight EU member states, including Slovenia, Greece, and, of course, the Spanish market.

Be Charge‘s charging stations, which are already being deployed throughout Europe, are of alternating current (AC).

They can be divided into the following types: Quick (up to 22 kW) and direct current models, such as Fast (up to 99 kW), Fast+ (up to 149 kW), and Ultrafast (over 150 kW).

Business Development Manager Iberia at Be Charge, Guido Borra

In this context and exclusively with Mobility Portal España, Business Development Manager Iberia, Guido Borra, discusses the role and key factors that play a role in their local deployment.

What are Be Charge’s ambitions in its landing in the country?

For Plenitude and Be Charge, Spain is a priority market, also regarding electric mobility.

The country is demonstrating that it can support steady and rapid growth in demand for recharging services, thanks to the constant increase in the electric vehicle fleet.

Therefore, Plenitude’s goal is to install direct current (DC) charging stations.

Under what concepts will these points be deployed?

Starting from 50 kW power solutions up to the maximum supported by current technology, i.e., 300/400 kW.

How is your arrival in the country progressing?

Here, we are installing our first recharging stations.

Currently, we plan to install several charging points at various locations by the end of the year.

We also aim to grow in the Spanish territory in the coming years with very ambitious goals.

Are you facing implementation difficulties?

It is important that there is available power in a specific location and that the electricity network operator can provide us with the amount we need for the columns to operate at full capacity.

We need the power to be available on time so that the installation and activation of the columns can proceed quickly.

Be Charge’s App and Charging Station

Do you see opportunities for improvement in the short term?

We believe that in Spain, there are significant opportunities and favorable conditions for dialogue with the network operator and municipalities to ensure that the necessary authorization processes are always simple and agile.

What role does interoperability play in eMobility networks today?

Interoperability is a tool that greatly simplifies the charging experience for electric vehicle owners.

Therefore, it should be a widely available service that can offer an increasingly large number of customers a good user experience with real-time data reception.

And in Spain?

Here, too, a strong public-private synergy is needed so that the market can adopt clear and shared protocols.

What can Be Charge reveal about technological innovation? What are you looking to incorporate?

A key point is the efficiency of the charging station technology we install at Be Charge. From our perspective, they should provide a high-quality service.

That’s why we aim to offer a portfolio of equipment as extensive as possible to operate as the most efficient solution.

All of this is to allow users to easily connect with our in-house developed software.

How do you achieve this?

For this purpose, we have several providers, all with proven experience and high-quality services.

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