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Date: March 22, 2024
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Expansion: Beny’s launch boosts its eMobility positioning in Europe

The company presented its smart home energy management system. When the solar system generates more energy than the home consumes, it can increase the charging power of the electric vehicle chargers. What benefits do Beny's solutions offer?
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During the annual Solar Solutions Amsterdam exhibition, the largest solar energy trade fair in Northwestern Europe, Beny showcased the latest DC transmission and distribution solutions for solar systems and energy management solutions for smart homes.

Located in the high latitudes of Northwestern Europe, with low temperatures and high heating demands, households face high electricity costs and are therefore installing photovoltaic energy systems.

However, the peak generation period for solar systems occurs during the day, while users’ peak electricity consumption happens at night.

This leads to wastage of excess energy.

As a solution, Beny’s smart home energy management system allows for efficient energy use and cost reduction, measuring real-time generation and intelligently controlling consumption.

Excess electricity is stored as heat in resistive loads, such as water heaters and heat pumps, for later use.

When the solar system generates more energy than the home consumes, the system can also increase the charging power of electric vehicle chargers.

Additionally, Beny’s showcase includes DC transmission and distribution solutions designed to meet the urgent safety requirements of large-scale photovoltaic power plants.

It integrates various advanced monitoring products and technologies.

It also includes surge protectors to effectively prevent surge risks, circuit breakers that provide protection against overloads and short circuits, and quick shutdown devices and isolating switches that ensure the safety of both the system and personnel.

These products not only meet high industry standards but have also passed rigorous sector tests and certifications.

The equipped monitoring system can monitor the status of power plants in real-time, providing timely warnings and handling abnormal situations to enhance the safety and reliability of the power plant.

With years of experience, Beny provides users with safe, efficient, and reliable energy projects, whether in the field of domestic energy or photovoltaic power plants.

The company expresses its commitment to continuous research and development efforts to introduce more customer-centric solutions, meeting the growing market demands.

Beny looks forward to collaborating with more partners to drive sustainable development in global renewable energy, creating a cleaner and greener energy future for humanity.

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