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Date: November 17, 2023
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Bonnet announced its new ‘Boost’ premium charging features

Bonnet has collected valuable insights into what drivers need and want and have used this feedback to launch the new and improved Boost subscription programme - which thousands of drivers are already signed up to

Customers can opt for a ‘Light Boost’ subscription, priced at £2 a month, or for a ‘Turbo Boost’ subscription, for £8 a month.

Light Boost customers will receive 10% off all Bonnet charging, exclusive charging rewards and live charging updates – including info on energy used, associated costs, and penalty fee warnings.

Similarly, Turbo Boost customers will receive the same benefits but with an additional 15% off all charging and access to Bonnet’s new and improved route planner, with industry-leading customisable capabilities.

Users can now edit their route without having to end their current one, edit individual chargers (given they are within 5km), select if they want their route to be balanced, or optimised for one of cost, time, or reliability, can filter out or include non-Bonnet chargers on their route, and edit their car.

Boost customers will also be able to see charging information live in the Bonnet app whilst a session is in progress – meaning that they can stop charging as soon as they’ve reached their threshold.

Users will also receive push notifications to warn overstay fees before they are applied, helping customers to keep their charging costs as low as possible.

Patrick Reich, CEO and co-founder of Bonnet said: “With the number of EVs continuing to rise, we’re helping customers to keep their costs low by offering subscription-based offers, reliable charging updates, and an improved route planner – all features which have been developed and improved as a result of customer testing and feedback.

“As more people make the transition to EVs, we want to ensure that charging is as simple and as cost-effective as possible – and our new subscription offer helps us to do just that”.

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