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Date: January 16, 2024
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BYD Joins Forces with UEFA EURO 2024™ as Official E-Mobility Partner

The UEFA EURO 2024 will take place in Germany from June 14 to July 14. As the Official E-Mobility Partner, BYD will contribute to the event's sustainability goals by providing a diverse range of new energy vehicles for various stakeholders.

Chinese electric vehicle giant, BYD, has inked a groundbreaking deal with UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) to become the Official E-Mobility Partner of UEFA European Football Championship 2024™ (UEFA EURO 2024™).

This historic partnership marks the first-ever collaboration with a new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer in the history of the prestigious football championship.

BYD’s sponsorship aligns seamlessly with UEFA’s vision to host a more sustainable and eco-friendly UEFA EURO 2024™, combining the thrill of football with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

The tournament is set to take place across ten world-class stadiums in Germany from June 14 to July 14, 2024.

As the Official E-Mobility Partner, BYD will contribute to the event’s sustainability goals by providing a diverse range of new energy vehicles for various stakeholders during the championship.

BYD plans to showcase its latest electric models and advanced technologies at selected UEFA EURO 2024™ venues, emphasizing its commitment to greener and more intelligent vehicle solutions.

Michael Shu, Managing Director of BYD Europe, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “BYD is thrilled to partner with UEFA EURO 2024™ and proud to be the first e-Mobility partner for this prestigious sports event, which will enable us to showcase our latest advancements in electric vehicles to a far-reaching audience.”

The collaboration will not only bring BYD closer to football fans but also aligns with BYD’s vision to make e-Mobility accessible to all.

Shu added, “As a partner of UEFA EURO 2024™, we look forward to presenting diverse and premium options with game-changing technologies to fans from all over the world, paving the way for a greener future for global sports events.”

UEFA Marketing Director, Guy-Laurent Epstein, expressed excitement about welcoming BYD as a partner.

He highlighted the perfect alignment between UEFA’s vision and BYD’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Epstein noted, “BYD is short for Build Your Dreams, which connects perfectly with the European Championship as players and teams relentlessly pursue their passion and hard work to build their dreams on the field.”

Founded in 1995, BYD has become a global leader in rechargeable batteries and new energy vehicles, with a presence in over 70 countries and regions.

The company’s commitment to sustainable development is reflected in its 2023 sales, which comprised 3.02 million new energy vehicles.

Since entering the European passenger vehicle market in 2022, BYD has expanded its presence with a network of 230 stores in 19 European countries.

Looking ahead to 2024, BYD plans to introduce three new models in Europe, further enriching its product portfolio.

The brand’s sub-brand, DENZA, is also set to make its European launch, marking another milestone in BYD’s global expansion.

Aligned with its global brand vision to “Cool the Earth by 1°C,” BYD aims to strengthen its localization strategy in Europe, collaborating with outstanding local partners to facilitate the eco-friendly transformation of transportation across the continent and beyond.

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