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Date: October 11, 2023
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Car manufacturers request French subsidies for EVs under stricter rules

Manufacturers submit the specifications of their EVs to authorities in the hope of continuing to benefit from French subsidies.
Agnès Pannier-Runacher EVs subsidies
Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Ecological Transition of France. The ministry is responsible for the country's energy and environmental policy, and has the authority to establish and administer subsidies for EVs.

Starting on Tuesday, October 10, car manufacturers would submit the specifications of their EVs to French authorities in the hope of continuing to benefit from subsidies.

The truth is that new conditions are being considered, taking into account carbon footprint criteria, that may negatively impact many Chinese models.

The environmental score for each vehicle model will be based on the entire production cycle, taking into account carbon emissions from the transportation of cars and the sources of materials and energy used to build them.

This score will be automatically calculated by a specific online platform.

Considering the mentioned criteria, it is likely that most models manufactured in Asia will be excluded, even if they are among the best-selling electric cars in France, according to a government source.

The source mentioned last month, “If there are vehicles produced in Asia that are very lightweight, relatively virtuous, maybe they could still be eligible (for subsidies). We think there are at least some of them, but clearly, they won’t be the majority.”

The Tesla Model Y and Model 3, as well as the Dacia Spring, are among the best-selling electric vehicle models in France.

However, these are manufactured in China, as is the increasingly popular MG4, produced by the SAIC group.

It’s worth mentioning that the French government subsidy for electric cars amounts to €5,000 (approximately $5,270) for most households and €7,000 for those in greater need.

Car manufacturers should receive a response around December 15 and will have the option to appeal any negative decision.

Sources indicate that Italy is considering a similar plan.

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