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Date: May 30, 2024
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Strategic agreement: Carrefour and Eleport will install 170 charging points in Poland

Eleport's stations will be placed in over 70 commercial facilities owned by Carrefour, located in 65 cities. When will they be available?

Eleport, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure services, and Carrefour, the largest omnichannel network in Poland, announce the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement.

The agreement covers the launch of 170 charging points at over 70 commercial facilities owned by Carrefour, located in 65 cities.

This partnership aims to facilitate Poles’ access to the network of EV charging stations.

“The main goal of Carrefour’s global strategy is to accelerate the company’s transformation through a commitment to be as accessible to customers as possible, build the company of the future and consolidate our sustainable development model,” states Agata Kopytyńska, member of the Executive Committee and Director of Real Estate, Expansion and Assets of Carrefour Polska.

And she continues: “All these elements can be found in our partnership with Eleport, which will additionally help us achieve even more ambitious goals in terms of reducing CO2 emissions.”

Thanks to this cooperation, Carrefour will be able to offer even greater comfort to its customers, enabling easier and more accessible charging for electric car owners with energy from renewable energy sources.

“We believe that the development of EV charging infrastructure at our facilities will help us be closer to our customers, encouraging them to constantly use ecological solutions,” Kopytyńska says.

From Eleport’s point of view, the opportunity to cooperate with such a renowned partner as Carrefour is a great potential for further development of the eMobility market.

“Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to offer network customers in several dozen Polish cities the ability to quickly charge their cars during everyday shopping,” indicates Paweł Doleciński, Sales Director at Elelport.

“We are particularly pleased that we have found a partner with whom we share the desire to actively build environmentally friendly solutions in the field of transport,” he adds.

The planned infrastructure expansion will cover strategically located locations throughout Poland, which will not only increase the convenience of using electric cars, but also encourage more people to consider eco-friendly transport options.

Currently, there are works going on related to the administrative process and preparation of each location for installation of devices.

The goal of both partners is to launch the devices in all locations as soon as possible, which will happen next year, but the first of them will be available this year.

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