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Date: June 3, 2024
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Attention CPOs! CCV is simplifying payments for your charging network

CCV, a company which provides payment solutions in a wide range of industries, including EV charging, launches a new payment integration for CPOSs that will increase acceptance of their charge network. What is it all about?
Pieter Peene, Commercial Product Manager at CCV.

Pieter Peene, Commercial Product Manager at CCV is responsible for providing payment solutions in the electro-mobility sector.

The list of partners who need a payment integration is long, and continues to grow,” acknowledges Peene, in an interview with Mobility Portal Europe.

He adds, “At the moment, we are adding a new type of direct payment integration, where we will target a different kind of integration partner.” 

So far, CCV has always been integrating the payment with the manufacturers of charge stations.

“These companies would rather not spend resources on learning new protocols and how to integrate with the payment terminal,” Peene explains

CCV Cloud-Connect for EV charging.

“Now we want to integrate with the Charge Point Management System, used by Charge Point Operators (CPOs), and provide them with our services in a much faster and efficient way.”

This not only reduces the number of integrations but also expands CCV’s coverage and availability.

“Our new Cloud-Connect for EV charging solution will be a differentiator because the protocol we use, the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI),  is already known to the CPOs, so the integration times will be short,” recognises the Commercial Product Manager.

“We are also making it simpler for charge station manufacturers, as they only need to integrate our terminal mechanically and provide power and internet”, he adds.

The firm takes care of the compatibility with the specific payment terminal, thus, if a new model of payment terminal is added to their portfolio, it is automatically supported in that integration as well.

CCV will launch the Cloud-Connect for EV charging solution in June at the Power2Drive exhibition in Munich, Germany, with field pilots following shortly after that.

The company provides everything needed to for end-to-end payments: the payment terminal itself, but also the transaction services with multiple acquirers.

Their partner managers are supported by an integration team to help clients choose the best way to integrate their solutions.

It is worth mentioning that a distinctive aspect of the company is that they offer customised payment services for their partners.

“We have standard solutions available, but we always think together with our partners on how to improve them for specific payment requirements. That’s why we often customise them,” Pieter Peene asserts.

Is payment integration in EV chargers key for user choice?

More and more companies are installing payment terminals in their chargers to facilitate the user experience an increase acceptance.

Is this a requirement that determines whether a user chooses one station over another? “Without a doubt, yes,” acknowledges Pieter Peene.

He explains, “After the early adopters, and the EV enthusiasts, we are starting to serve a different type of electric vehicle driver. Drivers, who in the past refuelled at petrol stations and used their debit or credit cards to pay.”

They really want that same experience,” he adds.

Peene does not believe mobile apps and charging passes will disappear, as they do offer advantages such as discounts and the accumulation of points with memberships.

“But a simple alternative is needed for those who just want to drive and not worry about needing different online accounts and linking banking details to them,” states the Commercial Product Manager.

“Therefore, we see a growing demand for simple payment methods, like those you use in grocery stores or at the bakery. This will make a difference when choosing the right place to charge,” he adds.

Not just charging: CCV offers solutions to various types of clients

In addition to integrating with charging infrastructure, CCV also offers payments for parking, vending, retail, public transport, service stations, etc.

To design the right payment solution for each sector, the company has dedicated product managers who identify the needs of each market.

“For example, I am responsible for payments in the EV charging industry. I specifically analyse the needs of that sector,” says Pieter Peene.

“Not only in product management. We also have dedicated partner teams who support clients in making the right choice of integration and assist them through this process, so tailored to each specific industry,” he adds.

The UK: a key market for CCV

The company is primarily active in Europe, with multiple offices in the Netherlands, where the headquarters is located, as well as in Germany and Belgium.

However, the Commercial Product Manager reveals that CCV intends to expand into other countries, including The United Kingdom.

“It’s an important market for us, and right now we are launching our payment routes there,” explains Peene.

He continues, “An important event for us will be the London EV Show in November, which will allow us to really boost our presence in that region.”

Finally, Peene reaffirms: “Our goal is to innovate in payments, but at the same time provide end-users with the simplicity they expect from each payment.”

“I’m convinced that the Cloud-Connect for EV charging solution is a major step to achieve that. And not only for end-users but for every stakeholder in the process, including charge point manufacturers and operators,” he adds.  

About CCV

As part of its 65+ years of experience in payment, CCV has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the EV Charging landscape across Europe, especially in the DACH and Benelux, French, Polish and UK market, for over a decade.

The company has partnered with industry giants such as Nexi, ING, Payone, and market leaders in the automotive industry, demonstrating its commitment to excellence and innovation in electric vehicle charging solutions.

Now, as CCV expands its reach to the UK market and beyond with the acquisition of its partner Elavon, the firm is poised to continue its legacy of empowering businesses and driving the evolution of electric vehicle charging payments.

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