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Date: November 20, 2023
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ChargePoint launches new “Ultra-Fast Charger” with Mercedes-Benz as First Client

ChargePoint at first had sparse information on its cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. However, the German carmaker announced plans for a proprietary HPC network in January 2023, intending to install over 2,000 HPC hubs with 10,000 ultra-rapid chargers worldwide by the end of this decade.

The HPC NA network next made news when Mercedes announced Simon Property Group, a mall operator, and Buc-ee’s travel centres as location partners in North America.

Now, ChargePoint is coming in as a hardware partner.

When asked, the company confirmed today that the Mercedes-Benz hubs will “primarily be powered by ChargePoint”.

A spokesperson added initial agreements going back to January noted 400 hubs with more than 2,500 ports. 

Offered as Power Link 2.0 under the company’s Express Plus architecture, technically, each station can charge two vehicles simultaneously “at very high speeds,” which ChargePoint later specified as “sustained high speeds of up to 500kW”.

The company is aware that 500kW is faster than current EVs are capable of charging but adds that the new system was designed to serve “both current and future EVs”.

This is also thanks to Power Blocks, which dynamically allocate power based on what specific vehicles can accommodate as they charge. 

HPC also requires liquid-cooled cables as usual, although ChargePoint claims to use a “proprietary cooling architecture”.

Thanks to the company’s charging software, the new ultra-fast charging columns also offer simple payments via Plug&Charge and a reservation system.

Asked for NACS integration, ChargePoint told that “It’s up to Mercedes or any other customer. They could order NACS, CCS or a combination of both.”

ChargePoint started rolling out NACS adapters to Tesla drivers in the US in October.

In mid-June, ChargePoint also announced it would offer a NACS plug option for its products as retrofits.

As for Mercedes, it was the first German carmaker to announce the switch to NACS for its North American models in July. The company is reportedly part of a consortium also comprising BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, and Stellantis. They want to build a fast-charging network with at least 30,000 charging points in North America.

As for potential other clients, ChargePoint only replied that they hadn’t shared that news “yet”. 

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