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Date: December 27, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Chargevite: “A bidirectional charger will arrive in the next semester”

This was confirmed by Ignacio Quílez, General Director of Chargevite, during the interview series by Mobility Portal Group, and he revealed the next steps of the company following the premise of offering "zero-kilometer" products.

The electric vehicle has evolved beyond being simply a means of transportation, becoming an instrument to contribute to the energy management and efficiency of households and even businesses.

In this context, Ignacio Quílez, General Director of Chargevite, anticipates to Mobility Portal Group in the Global Mobility Call: “In the next semester, we will launch a bidirectional charger.”

This equipment allows the electric car not only to recharge but also to supply the energy stored in its battery to homes, offices, or even the electrical grid.

Thanks to the standardized type 2 connector, the company initially plans to offer this charger in Europe, where it already has a presence in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France.

However, they are also considering the possibility of expanding to the Latin American market in the future.

European manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Stellantis are already incorporating this technology into their vehicles, as are Asian companies like Nissan, BYD, and Mitsubishi, which adopted it some time ago.

The bidirectional charger is part of a collaborative project between Chargevite Energy and Epic Power Converters.

The goal was to develop an intelligent and autonomous energy transfer system using bidirectional charger technology and V2X communication.

The purpose of this project is to achieve widespread implementation in domestic, commercial, and industrial environments.

This innovation is particularly relevant in managing energy demand and network stability.

Electric vehicles have the ability to act as mobile storage units, releasing energy during periods of high demand and absorbing it when the electrical grid has surpluses.

This process helps reduce pressure on the infrastructure and facilitates a smoother transition to renewable energy sources.

The product portfolio of Chargevite

Chargevite is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of chargers for electric vehicles in Zaragoza, with a focus on offering products as ‘local’ as possible.

In this regard, the company complements its chargers with software that covers basic functions to sophisticated features.

The company’s offering includes alternating current (AC) chargers ranging from individual options to multiple control systems capable of handling six simultaneous connections.

These devices are known for their power, efficiency, and compact design.

The S model stands out as the most compact and affordable option, ideal for single-family homes, apartment buildings, hotels, as well as business environments and supermarkets.

With a charging capacity of up to 7.2 kW, this device, when used in Mode 3, can charge 80% of a 40 kWh battery in just 3.5 hours.

The Chargevite M model, a compact wall-mounted unit, allows for the charging of one or two electric vehicles in Mode 3, with a power of up to 22 kW per connection, using outlets or hoses with Type 2 connectors.

The L charger is offered in a pedestal format, anchored to the ground.

The X model is designed for locations with a significant demand for chargers.

It facilitates comprehensive control of multiple simultaneous charges from a single control center, with communication adapted to the installation’s characteristics.

The software developed by the company is responsible for assigning the charge to the identified user and managing everything for subsequent billing.

Model S.
Model M.
Model L.

Meanwhile, within its range of DC chargers, the Compact model stands out.

It is a small yet powerful charger that combines the advantages of both divisions by providing fast charging (Mode 4), while maintaining its compact and affordable design.

Thanks to this equipment, capable of handling 18 kW of power, 80% of a 40 kWh battery can be charged in less than an hour and a half.

This is complemented by the Performance model, which represents the most powerful option offered by the company to date and minimizes charging time.

This equipment can supply 72 kW, reducing the refueling time of 80% of a 40 kWh battery to just 20 minutes.

Not only that, but it also has a platform ‘that does not require downloading any app or registering.’

The entire proposal of AC and DC chargers from Chargevite includes software specifically tailored to the needs of the vehicle user or the charge manager.

The interface of this universal platform has been designed to provide, instantly, all the relevant information that the user may need.

This has been recognized by the jury of the Innovation Gallery of the Feria Genera as one of the most outstanding innovations.

Now it also offers a QR code, “is not printed, but is in the same format as eBooks to be able to modify it and avoid unnecessary energy consumption”, explains Quílez.

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