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Date: April 5, 2024
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What are the available charging point tenders in Spain?

Various Spanish municipalities are launching tenders with the aim of contributing to financing and promoting a greener, more sustainable country. Here's an overview of the investments that can be accessed.
charging point tenders

Currently, Spain has around 30,000 charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs), although more than 7,000 of these infrastructures are still not operational.

Below, Mobility Portal España provides an overview of the tenders available for charging points in each locality:


As part of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, funded by the European Union through the Next Generation EU funds, the Jaén community is launching a tender for the implementation and commissioning of EV charging infrastructures in the territory.

Jaén is opening contracts in the municipalities of the region with different deadlines.

The tenders are open until:

  • In Segura de la Sierra until April 3.
  • In Lopera and Larva until April 4.
  • In Campillo de Arenas until April 5.
  • In Cambil until April 8.


The Urban Planning, Environment, and Mobility Department of the Madrid City Council is receiving applications for the demanial concession of private use for the installation and operation of fast charging infrastructure in the city’s public roads.

The deadline for submission is April 29, and the successful bidder will have the concession for 10 years from its formalization.

The concessionaire will be able to operate 10 existing stations on the public road space, and additionally, 12 new charging stations will be installed, each with three associated parking spaces, considered in the Sustainable Mobility Ordinance as “Reserved for the charging of electric vehicles.”


The Andalusian Agency of Environment and Water is launching a call for tender for the installation of photovoltaic solar energy self-consumption plants and vehicle charging points in centers intended for public use, as well as for the conservation and restoration of ecosystems and their biodiversity.

To this end, it will allocate 3,281,400.00 euros. The call is open until April 12 at 12:00 (peninsular time).


Until April 2 at 23:59 (peninsular time), the Mayor’s Office of the Montillana City Council is calling for tenders for the design and project implementation of an infrastructure for the recharging of EVs for the Las Mercedes Health Center.

For this, the estimated value of the contract is 41,322.31 euros (excluding VAT).

Additionally, the Mayor’s Office of the Ferreira City Council is opening a call for the supply of a 100 per cent electric vehicle, as well as the installation of a plug for the recharging of EVs with a maximum power of 22 kW, with the aim of using it for various municipal services.

This request can be submitted until April 8.


Another business opportunity arises in Cáceres, as the Local Government Board of the Plasencia City Council has a tender open until April 17 for the supply of two 100 per cent electrified urban buses, the financing of which is included in the Plasencia Tourist Sustainability Plan, funded by the European Union Next-Generation EU.

With this contract, the aim is to meet the public need to modernize and improve the current conditions of the public passenger transport service, as well as to advance in the replacement of traditional fossil fuel energy sources with more environmentally friendly electric technologies.

Additionally, another goal is to reduce the carbon footprint attributable to the Plasencia City Council.

La Rioja

The Mayor’s Office of the Cervera del Río Alhama City Council is receiving applications for the supply of three 100 per cent electric vehicles, as well as the provision, installation, legalization, and commissioning of three charging points for EVs as part of the premis-km0 project, funded under the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan.

The deadline for this is April 5.


Through an estimated value of 287,000.00 euros, the Board of Directors of the Municipal Water Company of Córdoba (Emacsa) is initiating the call for the acquisition, project, installation, and legalization of chargers at various locations in the entity.

In this way, those interested can apply until April 4 at 13:00 (peninsular time).


Until April 12, the tender for a 100 per cent plug-in electric zero-emission car and the installation of charging infrastructure will be available.

This call is made by the Mayor’s Office of the Enguera City Council.


Through an award provided by Gironès Municipal Transport, access will be available to the supply and installation of EV charging points.

It will also have engineering and legalization services for a plug infrastructure project.

The submission deadline will be extended until April 5.

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