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Date: August 4, 2023
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First of its kind: CharIN publishes EV interoperability testing data

The information was collected during the Vehicle Interoperability Testing Symposium 2023 (VOLT). What are CharIN's objectives?
Interoperability CharIN
For CharIN, CCS is currently the world’s only charging system that covers all charging scenarios with a single product.

CharIN, which aims to promote and support the Combined Charging System (CCS) worldwide, publicly shares the first-of-its-kind interoperability testing data.

The information was collected during the Vehicle Interoperability Testing Symposium 2023 (VOLTS) testing event.

The event took place in Long Beach, California, on May 10 and 11, 2023, granted by the California Energy Commission.

The VOLTS Testing Symposium hosted over 400 attendees to observe industry experts actively testing ISO 15118 and its features through a series of public demonstrations.

There were 4 school buses, 4 trucks, 13 electric cars, 18 charging stations, and 7 test systems. For the first time ever, results of this testing are publicly-available.

For the first time, the results of these tests are publicly available.

It is worth mentioning that the report contains:

  • Almost 400 hours of interoperability testing data which took place over the course of 2 days, across 7 test slots, and 174 EV-EVSE 2 hour pairings.
  • Summarization of over 1,000 individual tests where more than 50% of all tests used ISO 15118 communication.
  • Critical next steps to support an interoperable EV charging ecosystem.

What makes the CCS and the CharIN association so unique?

For CharIN, CCS is currently the world’s only charging system that covers all charging scenarios with a single product.

Drivers of any type of electric vehicle can choose between normal and fast charging as well as AC (single-phase up to three-phase) and DC (up to high speed 200 kW at public charging stations) – and they only need a single system for all these options.

The CCS also has the advantage of being accepted and supported by a significant number of companies from different industries.

The CharIN association is unique, as it is comprised of multiple experts across a variety of industries who have worked together as a team to make this breakthrough possible.

The European Union’s official charging solution, which is based on the CCS international standards, is effective now and will be implemented in full by 2017 at the latest.

Any company can join the association and work with the other members on further developments for the CCS.

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