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Date: February 20, 2024
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MTT Chile introduces electric double-decker bus service that will travel through 8 districts

The new route for service 542 will begin operating next Monday, February 26.

“The iconic electric double-decker buses have a new route,” with these words, the Ministry of Transport’s social media announced the news to users of the Red metropolitan mobility system, regarding the new service that these vehicles, which became known in Santiago during the Pan American Games, will have.

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The new service for the modern electric double-decker buses is the 542 and will connect eight communes: Cerro Navia, Quinta Normal, Recoleta, Santiago, Providencia, Las Condes, Vitacura, and Lo Barnechea.

When does route 542 start operating?

Thus, towards Cantagallo, the service will go through Salvador Gutiérrez, Avenida Mapocho, Cal y Canto, Avenida Santa María, Avenida Vitacura, and Tabancura, while in the opposite direction, it will take Avenida Vitacura, Bellavista, Cal y Canto, Salvador Gutiérrez, Hospital Félix Bulnes, and Rodoviario.

Authorities have informed that service 520, which until now was the one operating the double-decker buses, will stop running.

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