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Date: May 27, 2024
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Massana from Circontrol: “The renewed Raption Series represents a great step forward”

The company unveils the modifications they made to their chargers to achieve the success of the Raption Series. While Circontrol increased the power of its products, it acknowledges that there are other aspects to consider. What is their strategy?
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Circontrol, a manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers for over 15 years, reveals to Mobility Portal Europe its strategy to remain a leading company in the sector.

When asked about the evolution of the new Raption Series, Aleix Massana, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Circontrol, explains: “It’s a brand that is recognised because it has been in the market for several years and has thousands of units in operation.”

In this regard, Massana highlights that they differentiate themselves from new players due to their experience with Raption.

Aleix Massana, CPO at Circontrol.

“We want to preserve the brands that are classics in the market because they are part of our identity. But this does not mean that we do not have to evolve the product and technology,” acknowledges the CPO.

Therefore, in recent years, the company’s product strategy has been based on “evolving the brands and chargers”.

This way, Circontrol manages to adapt to the sector’s new needs and the new available technologies.

It is worth mentioning that these improvements are made in “small steps,” which is what sets it apart from other firms.

Circontrol increases the power of its chargers “conscientiously”

Massana acknowledges that increasing the kilowatts delivered is one of the improvements they made to the Raption Series.

“Our 50-kilowatt Raption has become 80 kilowatts, with two simultaneous sockets of 40 each,” he comments.

Now, each device of this brand allows charging two electric vehicles simultaneously.

“This product is ideal, especially for opportunity charging because in one hour with 40 kilowatts, you can charge almost the entire car,” the CPO asserts.

And he adds: “Moreover, this equipment can charge at 80 kilowatts if the other socket is not occupied, allowing to fill the vehicle batteries in just half an hour”.

In summary, it is a product that, while not being ultra-fast, allows charging the car in a short period of time.

It is a “versatile” device, aimed at different segments such as fleets, parking lots, and petrol stations.

Additionally, Massana explains that “since they are less than 100 kilowatts, they do not require the installation of a transformer”.

This product has already been launched, and Circontrol has even received a large number of orders.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the Raption Series also includes chargers of 160 and 240 kilowatts, which are ideal for installation in hubs.

“The 240 kilowatts seems to us a very appropriate power because if you consider the top ten best-selling cars in the UK, the average charging of these is 120 kilowatts, that is, what this charger can offer simultaneously to two vehicles,” acknowledges the CPO.

And he ensures that “there is a somewhat absurd race among manufacturers to offer more power when it is not really needed”.

As Massana explains, it is not essential to charge a vehicle in ten minutes when it can be done in 20 or 30.

Not only that, but also “there is not enough power to accommodate all the chargers we want to manufacture and install in public roads.”

What other modifications did Circontrol make to the Raption Series?

The entire Raption brand underwent modifications to enhance the user experience.

For example, the chargers now feature a more durable and larger touchscreen, a system to make the cables less heavy, and holders were installed to hold the charging connectors at a 90-degree angle.

Additionally, the layout of the screen and holders was modified to make them accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Furthermore, Massana states: “We have a system where we can monitor all our chargers from Circontrol, wherever they are.”

This allows the company to anticipate and, if problems arise, attempt to resolve them, helping customers keep their devices in service.

Another modification they made is to include a direct current (DC) meter in all chargers so that they are prepared for metrology.

The truth is that, due to new regulations, in some countries, charging is no longer measured in alternating current (AC), but in DC exclusively.

This is already happening in Germany and France, and according to Circontrol, it will also happen in Spain, the UK, and Italy.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Raption Series was specially designed to be robust, resistant, and stable.

“The chargers went from being used in a testimonial way, to charging one car per day, to charging four vehicles per hour,” comments Massana.

And he continues: “Since the stress on the equipment is now high, we modified the design so that they do not fail, and in case they do, have a system to fix it.”

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