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Date: October 24, 2023
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Improved Connectivity: Circontrol Upgrades Its eVolve Smart EV Charger

The AC charger is designed to cater to the specific needs of countries and customers. This upgrade includes enhanced electrical protection, cybersecurity, and communications, along with a new contactless payment system.

Circontrol, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging solutions, introduces significant enhancements to its eVolve Smart semi-rapid electric vehicle charger.

The latest update to Circontrol’s successful charger brings innovations in cybersecurity, electrical protection, communications, and software, with a notable addition being its new integrated contactless payment system.

Furthermore, Circontrol has focused its efforts on delivering a product that is easily adaptable to the technical and legislative requirements of various countries and customers, especially those related to the diverse European regulations.

Adaptable and compliant with European regulations

As the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to expand, it’s evident that different countries and customers have unique requirements tailored to their specific needs.

Circontrol's eVolve Charger.
Circontrol’s eVolve Charger.

In this context, Circontrol considers it essential to provide solutions that meet the diverse needs of both EV users and charging point owners.

One of the key enhancements of the eVolve Smart relates to a new contactless payment system with its software located in the cloud. This solution allows users to pay for the charging session without the need for a registration process.

This improvement not only streamlines the process but also plays a crucial role in promoting electromobility across the continent, making long-distance electric vehicle travel more accessible.

Using a cloud-based system, the payment device can easily be customized to the charger owner’s needs with just a software update.

The new version of Circontrol’s AC charging post also offers, as optional devices, specific safety protections required in different European countries. One of these is the PEN Fault device for the UK or the NF device for France. Additionally, a welded contact detector is included as standard.

In compliance with specific European regulations, the new eVolve Smart charging post adheres to the German Calibration Law (Eichrecht), ensuring that the exact amount of energy is billed and safeguarding that the charging point’s data has not been tampered with by third parties.

Regarding the connection to the electrical grid, the eVolve Smart has been designed in accordance with the Elaad V.3 standard (Netherlands).

Smart charger for a wide range of environments

Another notable improvement in this updated version of the eVolve Smart system is its enhanced connectivity.

It now features OCPP 2.01 Ready, ensuring seamless integration with back-office systems. Additionally, it offers connectivity via Wi-Fi, and its RFID reader has been improved.

Like the previous version of this electric vehicle charger, it is designed to be installed in a variety of environments, including public access locations such as urban areas, shopping centers, parking facilities, and airports, as well as private settings like workplaces or condominiums.

With its 22 kW power capacity and Type 2 plugs, it can charge approximately 130 km in 1 hour. Moreover, it is compatible with Dynamic Load Management (DLM) systems.

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