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Date: January 11, 2024
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2024 Bet: Circutor evolves its Urban AC and Raption DC range to offer powers of up to 240 kW

Circutor's new offering will encompass the integration of payment terminals, enhancements in cybersecurity, metrology improvements, and a comprehensive evolution of the Raption DC family, enabling simultaneous charging across a broader range of power levels.

Optimizing the electric vehicle user charging experience takes a central place in the strategy of Circutor.

Therefore, looking ahead to 2024, the company will introduce various innovations to the eMobility market.

During an exclusive visit to the company, Alejandro Valdovinos, Director of Institutional Relations, reveals to Mobility Portal España that in 2024, they will release an evolution of their Urban range.

This family of AC chargers is known for its design, robustness, reliability, and user-friendly features.

Its features make it an ideal choice for urban environments and publicly accessible parking lots, such as those located in hotels and shopping centers.

The equipment offers interoperability through the OCPP standard communication protocol, version 1.6 JSON, which has allowed the remote charger connection to be certified with more than 50 management platforms internationally.

These, in turn, are linked to various mobile charging applications available in the market.

In the upcoming update of the Urban product line, scheduled for 2024, the 2.0 version of the OCPP protocol will be implemented, as the market is beginning to demand it for specific functionalities.

Furthermore, this new version features an additional Wi-Fi communication interface, which avoids the extra cost of wiring in medium and large installations.

All of this, combined with significant improvements in electrical protection and cybersecurity variants supporting WSS, increasingly demanded by Charging Point Operators (CPOs) and e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs).

Among the novelties, the possibility of incorporating a contactless terminal with various payment gateways stands out, along with the addition of a metrological solution that complies with European AFIR regulations, ensuring a universal payment system and preventing fraud in charging.

The power range of AC models in this series varies between 3.7 and 22 kW.

They are offered with type 1, type 2 cables, or type 2 and/or Schuko outlets in various combinations, enabling charging in Mode 1-2 and Mode 3, depending on the selected configuration.

Regarding the continuous charging offer, Valdovinos anticipates: “We will launch a new range of products that will allow reaching higher powers.”

“These units will also allow simultaneous charging on two hoses with different power ranges than what we are currently working on,” he explains.

Currently, the power of Circutor chargers ranges from 50, 100, to 150 kW. Thanks to this update, the capacity will increase to 80, 160, and 240 kW.

All versions will support simultaneous fast charging and will feature these advancements in cybersecurity, metrology, and payment solutions.

The improvements will be accompanied by a new portfolio of services, complementing the sale of the equipment and offering options ranging from preventive to corrective maintenance.

The company is actively working to enhance the development of Cosmos, its charging station management platform, which is increasingly being implemented in more projects and is expected to be integrated into many more in the medium term.

The platform complements the charging station management solutions used by Circutor’s clients, including charging point operators, by enhancing maintenance functionalities.

By processing all the information, companies dedicated to the charging infrastructure will be able to have increasingly precise solutions for preventive and corrective maintenance.

In addition to providing charging services to the residential segment, the strength of the company lies in serving workplaces and fleet companies that are electrifying their vehicles.

In this context, they offer a comprehensive solution that covers not only the charger but also the power management and electric consumption exploitation system.

The evolution of vehicles available in the market requires adapting charging solutions for higher-power segments, such as trucks or buses.

“The solution for each of the segments is different, and the sales channel and the actors that can be involved in each vertical are also,” Valdovinos emphasizes at this point.

Circutor positions itself as one of the national leaders in eMobility

“One of the aspects that Circutor brings to its clients is the recognition in the national market, where we have been present for 50 years, and the last 15 in electromobility,” assures the Director of Institutional Relations.

The company, located in Viladecavalls, Barcelona, is a locally esteemed manufacturer and one of the few in the market capable of covering the entire range of AC and DC chargers, as well as management systems: from home charging to heavy-duty vehicle charging.

Its extensive portfolio of electromobility solutions, coupled with the technical support they provide to users, has led various public and private entities to choose them for their electrification projects.

In fact, many of the projects they are requested for involve customizations.

“Having R&D here facilitates the process of development and definition of solutions with the client,” emphasizes Valdovinos.

In this context, he highlights the importance of regulations promoted by local administrations for the market to continue evolving:

“Without a law promoting the implementation of chargers, it would probably be very difficult for us to carry it out,” he points out.

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