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Date: June 18, 2024
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CITYWATT launches nationwide HPC charging network for eTrucks

Ensuring over 50 charging parks throughout Germany, CITYWATT provides both the required power of at least 1,500 kilowatts and the necessary space for electric trucks.
CITYWATT launches nationwide HPC charging network for eTrucks

CITYWATT officially opens its network for eTrucks, enhancing eMobility in freight transport at over 50 nationwide charging park locations.

These parks offer a minimum of 1,500 kilowatts (kW) power capacity and ample space for eTrucks, with more than ten High Power Charging (HPC) stations.

Approximately half of the company’s 50 existing charging parks are tailored for electric heavy vehicles, with the other half suitable for eTruck & Trailer combinations.

Harald Praml, Founder and CEO of CITYWATT, states: “With this offering, we are likely to showcase one of the largest charging networks for eTrucks in Germany and even in Europe.”

The firm is currently developing and opening charging hubs for eCars, eTrucks, eVans, and eCaravans at additional high-frequency locations.

This initiative aims to reliably cover all requirements for eMobility and anticipates the projected development in the European truck market.

By 2029, a nearly tenfold increase from the current status quo is expected, mirroring the growth seen in the eCar sector, equating to an annual growth rate of over 57 per cent.

In addition to expanding the charging park infrastructure, CITYWATT is working with renowned haulage companies and truck fleet operators to equip them with high charging capacities, meeting the growing demand due to the advancement of fleet electrification with eTrucks.

The company provides its customers with comprehensive and tailored packages, from planning and construction of energy generation to charging infrastructure, ensuring efficient operation to capitalize on the future eMobility market.

Its clients include Electro-Specialist Partners who value the top-notch consultancy and competent wholesale services.

CITYWATT Investment offers lucrative funds in individual charging parks for institutional and private investors.


Founded in 2006, CITYWATT GmbH is part of the Praml Group, established in 1972, with over 430 employees across six locations in Germany and Austria.

As a nationwide 360° service provider for electromobility, CITYWATT creates and implements eMobility concepts for B2B customers from various industry sectors across Europe.

It handles the conceptualization and planning of E-Infrastructure, fleet management consultancy, operates charging infrastructure including monitoring, service, and maintenance, as well as charging process billing and reimbursement.

As a Charge Point Operator, it operates over 50 charging parks nationwide, with rapid nationwide expansion of HPC charging parks planned by 2025.

At its headquarters in Ruderting, the company has been operating Germany’s largest test park for E-Tankstellen (E-Tank Stations) since 2019, with a total of 40 charging points.

The goal is to continuously test new developments in the hardware market to offer the best overall concept in planning, hardware, and operation across the entire market.

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