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Date: April 23, 2024
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Connected Kerb announces smart charging across its network in the UK: In which cities is it available?

The smart charging from Connected Kerb offers monetary benefits for the user, promotes environmental care, and protects the national electrical system. What are the tariffs?
Connected Kerb smart charging and relaunched app

Connected Kerb announces that smart charging is being implemented across the network, through its relaunched app.

Now, significant savings can be achieved through hassle-free charging.

Users can plug in their vehicles and schedule charging sessions during off-peak hours when demand is lower, tariffs are cheaper, and renewable energy is abundant.

This is especially useful when the car is parked for extended periods, for example, for home charging overnight or in hotel parking lots.

It’s worth mentioning that smart public charging barely existed until now, and it was Connected Kerb who launched the first trial a couple of years ago.

“When it comes to charging electric vehicles, we know that convenience is everything. Well, not everything. Reliability and affordability are also important factors. And protecting the environment. As advocates for the natural world, we don’t like harming wildlife, but smart charging really kills several birds with one stone,” the company states.

Firstly, drivers charging publicly will have access to more affordable rates that are normally only available to privately charging drivers.

Secondly, by encouraging drivers to charge their vehicles during off-peak periods, it helps reduce strain on the electricity grid.

Thirdly, it will also use cleaner and greener energy, as there will be more renewable electricity during off-peak hours.

How to get smart charging on the Connected Kerb network?

Smart charging will allow you to plug in your car from 7:00 pm and schedule the session during off-peak hours, which will be from midnight to 7:00 am.

The feature will appear in your app, but for now, the company is only implementing it in West Sussex, Scarborough, Lincoln, Sunderland, and Ryedale, with plans to expand the feature to more regions in the short term.

Regarding costs, there will be no change in the standard tariff of 0.50 pounds per kilowatt-hour when smart charging is not available.

As for smart charging tariffs, the overnight rate (midnight to seven am) will be 0.45 pounds per kilowatt-hour, and the daytime rate (seven am to midnight) will be 0.52 pounds per kilowatt-hour.

They are also replacing a minimum 0.30 pounds charge per session with a flat connection fee of 0.30 pounds for each charging session.

Aside from the connection fee, there are no extra charges during each charging session.

Introduction of Connected Kerb 2.0 app

The company also takes pride in introducing the enhanced version of the Connected Kerb app.

“Changing the world forever, one charge at a time, is no easy task. It takes innovation, perseverance, and, above all, collaboration,” they say from the company.

And they add: “With this in mind, we relaunched our app after listening to the most important people: the electric vehicle driver community.”

The truth is that users have expressed their desire for more control, efficiency, and convenience when charging their cars, as well as a more cost-effective way to charge.

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