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Date: May 3, 2023
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Cooltra’s motosharing conquers Seville with the deployment of 400 electric motorcycles

With this new expansion, the company expects to reach 10 thousand users and 50 thousand trips made by residents and tourists, saving nearly 13 tons of CO2 in Seville's air during its first year of implementation.

Cooltra, a leader in sustainable mobility on two wheels in Europe, is expanding its motosharing service to a new Spanish autonomous community: Andalusia.

The chosen city is Seville, which now has 400 vehicles available on its streets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Seville couldn’t be missing from our network, where we operate our service as a sustainable alternative for daily commutes, complementing the options of traditional public transportation,” says Cooltra CEO, Timo Buetefisch.

“Our electric motorcycles aim to reach 10 thousand users, 50 thousand trips made, and save nearly 13 tons of CO2 in Seville’s air during its first year of implementation.”

With its entry into Seville, which involves the creation of 10 new jobs, Cooltra’s motosharing becomes a transportation option for citizens in nine cities.

Barcelona was the first European city where the company implemented this service, and it has continued its successful expansion in Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Rome, Milan, Paris, and Turin.

In all these cities, Cooltra already has more than 2 million users.

Cooltra’s motosharing: simple, safe, and agile

Starting this month, Seville residents can rent 100% electric scooters through Cooltra’s app, which offers scooters from the brand Askoll.

These scooters have a speed limit of 45 km/h and feature the largest diameter wheels on the market (16 inches) for improved stability and maneuverability.

In addition, each vehicle provides two helmets in sizes M and L to ensure the safety of the driver and passenger. Furthermore, the service will also be available through the Freenow app.

Special rate

During the first month of its launch, Cooltra will offer a special rate that allows new users to enjoy 30 minutes of free city travel per day.

The company leads the sharing market in Europe with a global fleet of nearly 10,000 vehicles dedicated to this purpose, including motorcycles and bicycles, and serves 2 million users.

In the 8 cities where it is present, now including Seville, Cooltra has contributed to a global saving of over 10,000 tons of CO2, covering more than 24 million emissions-free trips.

Andalucía is also making progress in the electrification of its police fleets

Cooltra’s B2B business line, responsible for providing vehicles to companies and the public administration, has recently electrified the fleet of Granada’s city council.

They achieved this by delivering 6 leasing motorcycles from the Spanish company Ray Electric Motors, specifically the RAY 7.7 model.

This vehicle is ideal for police service due to its quality, performance, and unique innovations in the world of two-wheelers, with a range of 150 km.

With this move, the City Council of Granada joins other law enforcement agencies at the national level to whom Cooltra has supplied more than 650 electric motorcycles in the last three years.

New eBike subscription service by Cooltra

In November of last year, Cooltra launched its first edition of “eBikes” for subscription in Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

The company offers this new service in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon, Porto, Rome, and Milan, with subscription periods of one month, six months, and one year.

During the first quarter of 2023, the number of vehicles will reach 250, with the goal of gradually increasing the fleet.

Now, they have a model of “eBike” that prioritizes the comfort and safety of its users in large cities.

For a monthly fee starting at €59, Cooltra’s customers can exclusively have an Askoll brand bicycle.

The model is eB4, equipped with a 250W motor, a range of up to 80 km, and a front detachable battery with a charger.

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