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Date: June 25, 2024
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Attention CPOs! Bottrop launches tender to install charging infrastructure at 39 locations

The German city of Bottrop initiates the second phase of its EV charging infrastructure expansion, seeking operators for the installation and management of the stations. What areas does this initiative aim to cover?
Attention CPOs!: Bottrop launches tender to install charging infrastructure at 39 locations

Bottrop has initiated the second phase of its plan to expand the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, approving 39 additional sites.

This development is part of a broader strategy, outlined in the city’s charging infrastructure concept, which envisions up to 76 new locations with two charging points each by 2025.

This plan was a key topic at the Building and Transport Committee meeting. The rapid increase in EV registrations in Bottrop has accelerated the need for more stations.

The city has already completed the first phase, which included 18 sites.

The 39 new locations selected for the second phase are designed to address this growing demand quickly and efficiently.

The city’s approach combines attractive and less frequented areas into location bundles of 9 to 10 sites each, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Bottrop will not install or operate the charging points itself. Instead, the city is inviting economically active companies to submit applications to manage these sites starting from July 2024.

According to Technical Officer Klaus Müller, all sites have been pre-screened internally to facilitate swift installation.

Although the city cannot mandate contactless payment options and credit card acceptance at these stations, operators who offer these features will be given preference.

Currently, Bottrop has approximately 3,000 registered electric vehicles.

Once the new charging points from the eMobility concept are implemented, the city will have over 240 publicly accessible chargers.

Plans for new fast-stations and hubs are also underway, further enhancing the city’s EV infrastructure.

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