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Date: December 21, 2023
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DAF Trucks will establish a network of certified eTrucks Centers in the UK

The 34 DAF truck sales centers commit to becoming certified eTruck centers. They will be equipped with specialized infrastructure.
DAF Trucks UK

DAF Trucks has unveiled its ambitious plan to establish a network of certified Electric Truck Centres within its dealer network.

This initiative is part of a substantial UK-wide investment, with all 34 DAF Truck Sales Centres committing to becoming certified Electric Truck Centres.

These centres will be equipped with specialist infrastructure, trained technicians, and fully equipped workshop facilities, enabling them to diagnose, service, and repair the units.

The certification process will ensure that all sales centres have trained specialists who focus on assisting customers in transitioning to zero emissions.

This will be facilitated through a consultative sales process delivered by Battery Electric Truck Specialists and Battery Electric Charger Specialists.

Each centre will feature at least one locally based DAF electric truck demonstrator, allowing customers to evaluate the vehicle.

Moreover, a national demonstrator fleet with various configurations and body types will be available for broader applications.

Gary Carpenter, Chair of the DAF Trucks National Dealer Council, stated, “The DAF Dealer Network is committed to supporting our customers as they transition to zero emissions.”

Invaluable Insights from the eTruck Trial

DAF Trucks’ active participation in the recent Battery Electric Truck Trial (BETT) has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s electric truck strategy.

Insights gained from the trial are being utilised by fully trained specialists to guide operators through the transition to zero-emission transport.

Route analysis and charging protocols, identified through the BETT, are key components of DAF’s offering to customers.

Post-BETT, two DAF electric vehicles are currently midway through the DAF EV Relay.

All 34 DAF Truck Sales Centres across the UK and Ireland are being visited to train and familiarise staff on all aspects of electric trucks and their operational capabilities.

This hands-on experience aims to build confidence and knowledge of electric trucks throughout the DAF Dealer Network.

DAF Charging Network

Each DAF Electric Truck Centre will be equipped with fast-charging capability, featuring a minimum 180kW DC charger. Other centres will have a minimum 24kW charger in their workshops.

This comprehensive network of chargers ensures that customer vehicles can be charged during service or maintenance, maximising uptime for the next work-shift.

The DAF charging network also provides the opportunity for single-point invoicing for energy and access to charging data for DAF electric truck operators.

Comprehensive Technician Training and Support

DAF Technicians are trained to IMI Level 1 for electric trucks to provide roadside support, while workshop-based DAF electric vehicle technicians are trained to IMI Level 3.

Aftersales experts at DAF Trucks headquarters in Haddenham offer additional technical support.

Parts “packs” to support electric trucks will be available at dealers, with additional parts at PACCAR Parts Distribution Centres, primarily at Leyland, Lancashire, for UK operators and across the continent.

The Electric Vehicle & Sustainability Manager at DAF Trucks expressed confidence, stating, “We’re right on track ready for the deployment of electric trucks into the market.”

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