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Date: March 29, 2023
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Dott conquers Rome: Wins new tender and will deploy 4,500 electric scooters

Dott, the responsible micromobility operator, has been awarded a three-year contract for up to 4,500 shared e-scooters in Rome.
Scooters Dott Roma

Dott, the responsible micromobility operator, has been awarded a three-year contract for up to 4,500 shared e-scooters in Rome.

Following a competitive bidding process, the decision ensures that Dott can continue its service in the city, which was first launched in 2020.

Selection criteria were based on the electric scooter company’s ability to provide a safe and reliable service.

Now, the service will expand beyond the city center to cover 15 districts of Rome and aims to reduce car dependency.

The vehicles will be equipped with license plates, and riders will be required to verify their identification, helping authorities enforce penalties for those who violate speed limits or parking restrictions.

Dott’s service is provided by internal teams of mechanics and ground staff, who focus on delivering a safe and reliable service.

The electric scooters are checked at each battery change, as well as through a scheduled maintenance program.

Andrea Giaretta, Regional General Manager of Southeast Europe at Dott, said:

“Our renewed license in Rome demonstrates the city authorities’ confidence in our ability to provide a high-quality service, backed by our internal operations.”

In the last three years of service, Dott has supported over 4 million trips in Rome, with 400,000 users.

A total of 9 million kilometers have been traveled on Dott e-scooters, saving 1000 tons of CO2 compared to the same trips made by car.

Dott in Spain

Dott is launching a fleet of 2,000 shared electric scooters in the city of Madrid.

With a daily usage price similar to metro tickets, trips will cost only €1.50 when using a monthly pass priced at €4.99.

Pay-as-you-go prices are available at just €3 per ride.

The fixed and simple pricing makes it easy for users to know how much they will be charged before hopping on the scooter, eliminating any unexpected surprises from per-minute fees.

Charging per trip rather than per minute encourages passengers to ride safely instead of rushing to save costs.

Dott has invested 3 million euros in Madrid, establishing a high-quality operations center, hiring specialized mechanics, and providing the latest generation of e-scooters.

Internal operations ensure reliable service for passengers, all well-integrated into the city with well-maintained vehicles and organized parking.

Dott’s service has been integrated with the Madrid 360 app.

This collaboration promotes multimodality, combining public transportation services with shared micromobility for first and last-mile trips.

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