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Date: November 13, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

E-Mobility-Rentals: “We want to provide an additional 500 cars and scale up all over Europe”

During the Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress, Alexandru Vasiliu, Chief Marketing Officer of E-Mobility-Rentals, revealed to Mobility Portal Europe the details of their innovative service, which includes battery swap stations.
Alexandru Vasiliu, Chief Marketing Officer of E-Mobility-Rentals, at the Tomorrow.Mobility.
Alexandru Vasiliu, Chief Marketing Officer of E-Mobility-Rentals, at the Tomorrow.Mobility.

With a firm commitment to promoting more sustainable cities by reducing traffic congestion and optimizing parking space, E-Mobility-Rentals encourages the rental of electric vehicles.

Currently, the Romanian company already has a fleet of over 100 cars located in Bucharest.

As revealed by Alexandru Vasiliu, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the company, in an interview with Mobility Portal Europe during the Tomorrow.Mobility event, they anticipate adding 500 additional vehicles in the next five months.

E-Mobility-Rentals stand at the TMWC.

Furthermore, he states: “We plan to expand throughout Europe and worldwide.”

In this regard, E-Mobility-Rentals is considering the possibility of conducting a pilot in Barcelona, where the event organized by EIT Urban Mobility is currently taking place.

The startup stands out as a pioneer in implementing an innovative ecosystem of electric vehicles in Europe, operating with a universal interchangeable battery.

This battery can adapt to different types of vehicles and can be changed in less than a minute.

Moreover, they can be recycled, an aspect the company constantly works on improving each year.

Partners have the ability to repair damaged batteries and recover resources from the black powder, the main component of the cells, used in manufacturing new batteries.

The surplus can be ecologically discarded.

Additionally, they are actively developing and managing a continually expanding network of battery swap stations.

“Basically, you don’t need to go charge your car, you just exchange the battery, and you’re ready,” details the CMO.

The exchange stations ensure safety with individual compartments equipped with pyrotechnic capsules in case of fire.

Their installation and operation are straightforward, requiring only an electrical outlet.

In Bucharest, they have 10 eMobility swap stations serving over 100 vehicles in circulation.

According to Vasiliu, this innovation has avoided approximately 72 tons of CO2 and covered around 500,000 kilometers without emitting polluting emissions.

Companies using these solutions achieve substantial savings, estimated at around €200,000 in costs and revenues.

Quadricycle type, E-Mobility Urban Ride B1.

Furthermore, E-Mobility-Rentals vehicles have the advantage of being able to park for free in public spaces in any locality in Romania.

Thanks to the reduced dimensions of these vehicles, parking in hard-to-reach locations is also made easy.

In this way, they offer a comprehensive solution with a “plug and play” approach, providing an electric fleet with infrastructure, maintenance services, insurance, and all charging costs included.

This allows operators to focus only on the benefits without worrying about logistical aspects.

Users, in turn, benefit from a mobile application that enables them to conveniently locate and control exchange stations.

E-Mobility-Rentals participates in outreach programs

Mobility plays a crucial role in reducing carbon footprint in Europe, where transportation accounts for around 40% of all emissions.

During the first half of the year, fully electric cars in Romania demonstrated a progress, with a market share of 10.4%, compared to 7.9% a year ago.

Purchases of eco-friendly cars in the country increased by 36.5% in the first seven months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

There was a significant increase in fully electric cars (+62.7%) and plug-in hybrids (+48.8%).

However, this is still not sufficient to meet the ambitious goals of the European Union, which aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

In this context, E-Mobility-Rentals aspires not only to contribute significantly to a sustainable future, where electromobility plays a crucial role, but also to educate society.

In Romania, the implementation of European funds is slow, and according to Vasiliu, “people seem not to care until it’s too late.”

Therefore, they are making efforts with educational programs in schools and universities to raise awareness about decarbonization, sustainable transportation, and the transition to electric mobility.

This constitutes a collaborative and inclusive initiative at both group and global levels, aimed at recognizing the benefits of eMobility worldwide and working “together towards a more sustainable future.”

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