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Date: August 28, 2023
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Easee launches new wallbox on the European market: Charge Lite

Easee unveils Charge Lite: A durable EV charging solution for households with one to two electric vehicles. Experience enhanced control and compatibility with existing Easee products.

The first member of Easee’s new product series is designed for households with one to two EVs.

They have finally released the first model in the line of next-generation Easee products.

Easee Charge Lite is a cost-effective, stylish charging box that can withstand sleet, wind, freezing temperatures, sideways rain, and other weather phenomena commonly experienced in the Nordic region.

One of the most requested new features in Charge Lite is the ability to control the charger without being connected to the internet.

This will be enabled by a software update soon.

Once in place, users can easily connect to the charging box via Bluetooth and start/stop charging, check charging speed, and lock/unlock the charging cable without going through the cloud.

Charge Lite is backward compatible with their existing Easee products.

This means it fits into the old back plates and can use accessories such as the Easee Equalizer.

If users combine Lite with Equalizer, they get full dynamic load and phase balancing.

This means the charger always knows how much electricity is being used in the household and adjusts the charging speed accordingly.

This is valuable if there’s a low capacity main fuse, and users don’t want to risk losing power when turning on the stove while the car is charging.

With the Equalizer, users can also instruct Charge Lite to charge only on solar power if they have solar panels and want to power their car with 100% off-grid energy.

Easee 11 kW/7.4 kW

Charge Lite is designed for individuals seeking a user-friendly, safe, and rapid charging box, and those who possess one to two vehicles within their household.

The maximum charging capacity reaches 11 kW with the utilization of three phases, and 7.4 kW during single-phase charging. This aligns with the highest capacity found in most electric cars available in today’s market.

Easee has opted to introduce Charge Lite into the market alongside the prerequisite of an external Type A ground fault protection.

This decision aims to expedite the launch of an approved and market-ready product.
Concurrently, a comprehensive testing initiative is underway in collaboration with the independent, accredited testing facility TÜV Rheinland.

The objective is to secure the necessary approvals for the forthcoming and more advanced Easee products, eliminating this particular requirement.

According to Easee’s product manager, Caroline Vorpenes, “Our objective with Charge Lite was to engineer a budget-conscious and forward-thinking charging box, equipped with all essential features for households owning one to two electric cars. Our data demonstrates that a minimal number of electric car owners utilize charging capacities exceeding 11 kW within their home charging setups.”

Big sister right around the corner

Charge Lite will be succeeded by Charge Core, which is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of this year.

Charge Core boasts higher power output compared to Lite, offering a maximum charging speed of up to 22 kW.

It supports the simultaneous use of multiple charging boxes on the same circuit, while also featuring an expanded array of functionalities.

Notably, it will eliminate the need for an external Type A connection.

These attributes position Charge Core as an excellent fit for expanding existing Easee Charge/Ready installations.

Nevertheless, even for smaller households, opting for Charge Core is a viable choice, especially for those enthusiasts who prioritize owning the high-end model.

Hot on the heels of Charge Core’s introduction is Charge Max, representing Easee’s inaugural MID-certified charging box.

Anticipated to be available in the first quarter of 2024, this advanced model will provide an even broader range of features and capabilities, catering to evolving charging needs.

As the launch dates draw nearer, we will diligently furnish more comprehensive details regarding both the Core and Max offerings.

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