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Date: February 1, 2024
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Electrifying venture! Ebusco supplies 14 eBuses to the Swedish public transport company

Ebusco enters into a contract with VR Sverige to establish a partnership with the aim of supplying them with the 3.0 18-metre buses and facilitating a swift transition to emission-free and environmentally friendly transportation.
Ebusco 3.0 19-metre bus.
Ebusco 3.0 19-metre bus.

In a significant move towards sustainable and innovative public transportation, Ebusco, a leading player in the development of electric buses, charging systems, and energy storage (EBUS), has inked a contract with VR Sverige.

The collaboration entails the delivery of 14 cutting-edge Ebusco 3.0 18-metre buses, set to grace the streets of Helsingborg from the year 2025.

This model, armed with a formidable battery pack exceeding 500kWh, are strategically designed for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines, ensuring extensive coverage and efficient performance.

Recognized for its punctuality, speed, and reliability, BRT stands as a hallmark of transit excellence, promising a seamless and high-quality travel experience for Helsingborg residents.

This partnership between VR Sverige and the Dutch company aims to usher in a new era of convenient, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable transportation in the city.

Ebusco’s groundbreaking 3.0 finds its perfect match in Helsingborg, a city celebrated for its innovation-driven ethos.

The city’s commitment to innovation earned it the prestigious second prize in the European Capital of Innovation Awards 2020, a testament to its continuous efforts to enhance residents’ lives.

The acquisition of Ebusco’s state-of-the-art electric buses further underlines Helsingborg’s dedication to progressive and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

VR Sverige’s focus extends beyond zero-emission buses, encompassing the broader impact of electric operations.

The transit company exclusively relies on green, renewable energy sources, aligning seamlessly with the environmentally conscious philosophy of the Ebusco 3.0.

Noteworthy is the bus’s lightweight design, showcasing revolutionary low energy consumption in recent trials, leading to a significant reduction in the overall resources required for operation.

Anders Frykman, Director of the Bus Division at VR Sverige, expressed his satisfaction, stating: “We are proud to announce Ebusco as the new supplier of electric buses to Helsingborg.”

“Their innovation-driven approach aligns perfectly with our values, and we believe the 3.0 will enhance both comfort and perceived quality for our passengers, making sustainable travel more accessible for the people of Helsingborg,” he adds.

Peter Bijvelds, co-CEO of Ebusco, echoed the sentiments, saying:

“We are extremely proud to welcome VR Sverige as a new customer. The 3.0 has proven itself as the market’s most efficient eBus, and with the introduction of these 18-meter buses, we anticipate a further positive impact on sustainability.”

“This partnership signifies a significant stride towards enhancing comfort and sustainability in public transportation, aligning with our shared goal of creating a better environment for commuters and residents alike,” he states.

As Helsingborg prepares to welcome these state-of-the-art electric buses, the collaboration between Ebusco and VR Sverige sets a promising precedent for cities worldwide aspiring to embrace greener, more sustainable transit solutions.

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