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Date: March 26, 2024
Ailén Pedrotti
By Ailén Pedrotti
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ECAR SHOW arrives in Madrid with a showcase of innovation and technology in electromobility

The Auto Show dedicated to hybrid and electric cars and new forms of mobility is coming to Madrid from April 5 to 7 at the Crystal Pavilion in Casa de Campo. The countdown has begun, and Mobility Portal España brings you all the updates about the event.

The wait is over for the city of Madrid, and after six editions between Porto and Lisbon in Portugal, and Valladolid in Spain, the ECAR SHOW Madrid 2024 Auto Show is about to open its doors in the national capital.

From April 5 to 7, the Crystal Pavilion in Casa de Campo in Madrid will become the hub of automotive innovation.

The latest in light hybrid and plug-in technology and fully electric vehicles that are redefining the future of mobility will be showcased there.

The fair is presented as a key platform to drive the decarbonization of cities, promoting the adoption of electric and light hybrid and plug-in cars as a more sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional transportation.

Manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, BYD, Honda, Inproinn, KIA, Lexus, Mercedes, MG, Mini, Polestar, Renault, Skoda, Tesla, Volkswagen, Volvo, and many more will gather to showcase their latest models, always with “0” or “ECO” labels from the DGT (Department of Traffic).

A showcase of innovation and technology

In its sixth edition, ECAR SHOW consolidates its position as a reference in the automotive world for the presentation of novelties and premieres, bringing together the main manufacturers and dealers of electric and light hybrid and plug-in vehicles.

As well as leading companies in technology for eMobility, automotive components, production and distribution of energy, telecommunications, and certification.

An event for everyone in Madrid from April 5 to 7

Spain’s largest Auto Show for light hybrid, plug-in, and electric vehicles will feature over 10,000 m2.

There will be more than 70 test cars on display and over 80 will be exhibited.

In addition, motorcycles, bicycles, chargers, and many surprises and novelties can be seen, all aimed at both professionals in the sector and the general public and individuals interested in purchasing a new car related to sustainable mobility.

The event will be held from April 5 to 7, both included, and also provides an interesting reason to visit for universities and research centers, educational institutions, sponsors, and public institutions.

José Oliveira, Director of ECAR SHOW.

Statements from the Director of ECARSHOW

With a long history in organizing events, the director of the ECARSHOW Auto Show, José Oliveira, has no doubt in stating: “ECAR SHOW Madrid 2024 is much more than a simple car exhibition.”

“This event is a window into the future of sustainable mobility, where you can experience firsthand the latest innovations in light hybrid and plug-in technology and eVehicles. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting revolution!” he adds in this regard.

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