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Date: April 10, 2024
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Ekoenergetyka introduces an innovative ultra-fast charging solution: What is its power output?

During the Nordic EV Summit in Oslo, Mobility Portal Europe had the opportunity to witness the launch of Ekoenergetyka's new charger, which incorporates revolutionary innovations. Below are all the details.
Ekoenergetyka-Mobility Portal Europe
Leif Petter Sigmundstad, Key Account Manager at Ekoenergetyka.

The world of electromobility is experiencing constant change, with an increasing number of players involved in the sector. However, Ekoenergetyka stands out from its competitors thanks to its distinctive offering.

At the Nordic EV Summit, representatives of the company, including Leo Magnusson, Key Account Manager Nordics, Ryszard Rutkowski, Global Area Manager, and Leif Petter Sigmundstad, Key Account Manager, presented this new charging innovation.
Ekoenergetyka Team during the Nordic EV Summit.

The SAT400 is a “revolutionary solution” born from collaboration with the intelligent power unit Axon Side 360 DLBS

It dynamically and efficiently transfers energy to charge up to six cars simultaneously.

Each electric vehicle (EV) receives a guaranteed minimum amount of energy, while the system, which operates dynamically in real-time, optimally distributes excess power to the automobiles.

Ekoenergetyka SAT400.

This ensures reliable energy distribution and guarantees at least 60 kilowatts to each EV. 

The DLBS system maximizes the station’s potential, resulting in faster charging at lower costs.

According to the company, the SAT400 is the smaller sibling of the SAT600, with the key difference not only in size but also in current capacity. 

The new unit charges at a maximum current of 400 amperes, up to 500 amperes.

How was this product conceived? Through analysis of Ekoenergetyka’s customers’ needs and previous experiences, allowing them to develop a proposal that combines innovation and comfort.

The smart charging system is an ideal solution where time, flow rate, energy consumption efficiency, and minimal energy losses result from the use of this particular solution and its capabilities.

“This innovation is a testament to our tireless pursuit of excellence in addressing the challenges faced by charging point operators (CPOs) today,” the firm details.

What else does Ekoenergetyka include in the SAT400? 

This system features an integrated 10″ touchscreen with RFID for simple and intuitive operation.

It also has an additional 19″ advertising display that allows remote and independent management of advertising content, providing companies with space to promote their image and products.

A feature that sets this unit apart is the LED status signaling lighting, ensuring full visibility from all angles, and functional lighting indicating the charging status (SOC).

“You don’t need to take out your phone or check your car. You can stand from very far away and see the status,” the representatives detail during the presentation attended by Mobility Portal Europe.

Moreover, it features a patented Cable Management System (CMS) with a unique swivel arm design that ensures cables (up to 4.5 meters in reach) never obstruct or pose hazards.

The SAT 400 is available with a single connector option, left or right front, or in a two-connector front version or with a pass-through option, to perfectly adapt to the potential of a specific location.

This full option proposal can include all the utilities and additional attributes such as HMI, AD display, and direct payment system on both sides of the satellite.

The unit also offers total flexibility in terms of payment systems

It is possible to choose from a variety of options that allow for flexible selection of operators and payment terminals, including PAX IM30, Payter Apollo, Valina, Ingenico 2000.

Plug & Charge can also be implemented.

All these additions are ideal for meeting all the requirements of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR).

This regulation sets mandatory targets that will result in the installation of sufficient infrastructure in the European Union for alternative fuels, intended, among others, for road vehicles.

What is the goal of all this innovation? 

To make charging not only a necessity but a pleasant and inclusive experience, setting new standards in the electric vehicle industry,” the firm emphasizes.

It is worth noting that the SAT400 has Eichrecht certification, confirming compliance with German regulations on measurement and billing of electricity consumption.

In this regard, Ekoenergetyka asserts: “We are not talking about a prototype or selling hopes and dreams. This is a real product that is available for sale and is fully certified.”

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