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Date: June 7, 2024
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The electric mobility blockbuster aiming to compete with the cost of combustion cars

This service will soon be introduced to the electric mobility market by the zero-emission vehicle manufacturer OHM, as a solution "few brands offer." What is this innovation about and what benefits will it bring?
The electric mobility blockbuster aiming to compete with the cost of combustion cars
Guillem Pujeu, Head of Communications at OHM.

Netflix, Paramount, HBO Max and others are now joined by a new subscription, but this time aimed at the electric mobility sector.

“This month we will launch a sales model that very few brands, or almost none, have, which is battery rental,” anticipates Guillem Pujeu, Head of Communications at OHM, to Mobility Portal España.

The system consists of purchasing an electric vehicle without a battery, paying a monthly fee of approximately 250 to 300 euros for a period of four to eight years, depending on the customer’s needs.

The user has the option of obtaining the battery at the end of the contract for an equivalent value, or starting a new agreement and continuing to use the car for as long as they wish.

This significantly reduces the cost of the car, making prices comparable or even more competitive than those of a gasoline vehicle,” says Pujeu.

This is because, for a monthly amount less than the fuel expense of each driver, a small rental will be paid to cover the value of the batteries.

What is OHM aiming for with this solution?

Given that many companies still show some reluctance when it comes to making the initial outlay for an eVehicle, the manufacturer hopes to encourage its adoption and promote the foray into electric mobility with this system.

“This solution will allow the investment to be even less than that of a combustion car and the monthly rental cost to be lower than that of a diesel, which is usually around 500 or 600 euros per month to refuel,” details the Communications Manager.

Additionally, this could mean less stress for drivers by reducing uncertainty related to potential battery degradation.

The OHM representative states that once companies adopt zero-emission vehicles for their logistics operations, the savings derived from this technology will translate into reduced expenses for their end customers.

This change will cause a domino effect across all industries , leading companies to change their fleets for more profitable cars, such as electric ones, “in order to remain competitive.”

In this context, the designer and manufacturer of electrified vehicles also offers a conventional sales system, through which it markets the “complete” vehicle, that is, with the battery included.

As an importer of the Chinese gear, for now the firm is 100 per cent focused on environmentally friendly mobility.

To this end, it offers high-performance chassis and a fully customizable platform for a wide variety of applications.

This has a range of 337 kilometers per charge, and with a capacity that in fast charging allows the driver to “refuel” from 20 to 90 per cent in just 40 minutes.

Thanks to the lightweight chassis, compact electrification system and high battery density, the payload can reach up to 2 tons.

Its flagship product is the OHM 3.5 TN EV.

OHM 3.5 TN EV.

Who is OHM client?

OHM mainly focuses on three sectors: last mile logistics, the individual user and municipalities. 

In the latter case, the company focuses on supporting the renewal of city fleets, such as those of mail companies. 

“Likewise, we offer our solutions to practically all customers on the market,” emphasizes Guillem Pujeu.

It should be noted that the firm operates a “satellite” manufacturing model with main production in China, complemented by production partners in Europe. 

The vehicles have components designed and manufactured in Italy, but are completely assembled in the Asian country.

“We are considering the creation of a production chain in Spain next year, it is something we have in mind,” says the Communications Manager.

Not only this, but also, after the summer it will launch a van to complete the light range, and at the end of 2024 it will introduce a new product.

“We have seen that the market needs a change, to which OHM is totally focused on helping and contributing,” he concludes.

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