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Date: September 4, 2023
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Electrify France: Volkswagen launches its fast-charging network

Looking ahead to the summer of 2024, 150 fast charging stations will be installed in the parking lots of dealerships belonging to Volkswagen Group brands.
Volkswagen france charging points

With the aim of expanding its charging network under its own brand, Volkswagen has created “Electrify France.”

It’s worth remembering that VW already offers support to local authorities and retailers in partnership with Allego, and the manufacturer is also a founding member of the Ionity network, which covers major routes.

Electrify France’s goal is to provide a fast charging network away from main roads, especially in regions with few highways and in suburban areas.

The ability to recharge 150 to 200 km of range in 15 to 20 minutes “is a real necessity, even in urban areas,” Volkswagen acknowledges.

They also explain that “50% of the French population does not have dedicated parking spaces for home charging.”

Electrify France will be developed within the group’s dealership network, whether it’s with Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, or Cupra brands.

By the summer of 2024, 150 stations with 300 high-power terminals will be deployed.

Each of these stations should have at least one ultra-fast charging unit of 150 kW, with some having up to 12.

The stations will be accessible to all drivers, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Luc Chausson, Director of Strategy Projects at Volkswagen, in charge of Electrify France.

In fact, some are already operational. VW indicates that Electrify France could potentially expand into the networks of the group’s brands, representing 700 sites in France.

“The installation of Superchargers in our network is a strong signal that our dealerships are committed to transforming their business model, with the desire to meet our customers’ needs by installing high-quality charging stations that are open to everyone,” stated Luc Chausson, Director of Strategy Projects, in charge of Electrify France.

The French network will complement the existing high-power charging networks established throughout the country but will provide better coverage, according to Volkswagen.

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