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Date: April 23, 2024
Elinta Charge will increase its market share of chargers in France and Germany: What is the strategy?
By Lucía Colaluce

Elinta Charge will increase its market share of chargers in France and Germany: What is the strategy?

The company, which offers charging services in over 45 countries worldwide, is committed to advancing its technology in locations where it already operates. What is Elinta Charge's proposal?
Ignas Mikutis, CEO of Elinta Charge, at the Nordic EV Summit.
Ignas Mikutis, CEO of Elinta Charge, at the Nordic EV Summit.

At the Nordic EV SummitIgnas Mikutis, CEO of Elinta Charge, discusses what the company brings to the industry and its future vision.

Ignas Mikutis, CEO of Elinta Charge
Ignas Mikutis, CEO of Elinta Charge.

Currently, they can be found in over 45 markets, predominantly in Europe but also in countries such as Israel, Australia, Hong Kong, and Nepal.

However, instead of expanding into other regions, they are focusing on increasing their market share in places where they are already present, such as France and Germany.

“When you work hard on quality and reliability, you have to be very cautious about modifications. So, instead of creating something entirely new, we’re mainly focused on perfecting our current offering“, declares Mikutis in a conversation with Mobility Portal Europe.

The firm, focused on both the aesthetic aspect and the quality of its chargers, stands out from others because it manufactures equipment with industrial components from recognized brands like Phoenix Contact.

Last year, they acquired the Eichrecht certification, a German and Austrian law that defines the requirements for all measuring devices, demonstrating their commitment to safety, accuracy, and legal compliance in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry.

On that point, the executive states that the biggest challenge hindering projects in Europe is the fragmentation of regulation across different countries.

In his opinion, rules within the European Union (EU) should be balanced to avoid harming the sector and make competition fairer with cheaper producers.

Regarding this, he says: “You invest in maintaining the highest standards and some markets do not have this regulation, so you lose out to much cheaper and lower quality products.”

Mikutis adds: “Some are from China or other countries outside Europe, which may not align with the interests of European users.

Later in the conversation, Mikutis  indicates Elinta Charge’s backing of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) and potential new measures, “as long as they’re not excessively radical.”

The CEO believes that to pave the way for the complete adoption of sustainable mobility, it is necessary to show good examples from opinion and governmental leaders to make it more “fair.”

Regulation should pressure not only manufacturers, OEMs, but also users, especially large ones, whether corporate, government agencies, or municipal bodies,” he adds.

What charger did they present at the Nordic EV Summit?

During the event, representatives from Elinta Charge showcased two of their flagship products.

CityCharge V2, one of Elinta's chargers
CityCharge V2.

Firstly, they introduced the CityCharge V2, a Mode 3 station capable of delivering up to 44 kilowatts of power using two Type 2 charging sockets.

The sturdy housing of the unit is made from anodised aluminum parts and CNC-machined extruded pieces designed for longevity.

Meanwhile, the integrated climate control electronics ensure maximum reliability even in adverse conditions.

Notably, the animated display and sidebars remain visible even under direct sunlight while being easily seen from a distance at night.

They also highlighted the key features of the HomeBox Slim, a simple and cost-effective Mode 3 solution, which charges up to 22 kilowatts.

The device can be used in garages, parking lots, and other private areas such as homes and offices.

The station is available in either single-phase or three-phase options: 16 A or 32 A.

More about Elinta Charge

Elinta Charge is a producer of premium alternating current (AC) chargers for EVs based in Lithuania, with a focus on public and commercial devices.

Furthermore, they are compatible with most European markets, reporting over 110 million green-powered kilometers annually and over 140 tons of CO2 already saved.

For retail and hospitality sectors, the firm has developed an efficient charging experience, both for users and providers.

Their public stations can be equipped with bank card terminals, so visitors do not need to install additional software, for example, a mobile application.

Additionally, the devices are compatible with CPO and roaming platforms, for example with Plugsurfing, greenflux, MOBI.E, Driivz, and placetoplug.

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