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Date: September 6, 2023
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Elli Introduced “Flexpole” to Expand 540k+ Charging Network

With the new Flexpole solution and Elli's expanded charging network, which comprises over 540,000 points, the company contributes to the rapid advancement of electromobility. What are the features of the new product?
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Elli, one of Europe’s leading electric mobility service providers, showcased its new charging products and services at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich.

Giovanni Palazzo, CEO at Elli.
Giovanni Palazzo, CEO at Elli.

The highlight of the presentation is the new Flexpole station.

“With the new Flexpole solution and the expansion of Elli’s charging network, which now boasts over 540,000 charging points, we are actively contributing to the rapid development of electromobility, with complete reliability,” said Giovanni Palazzo, the brand’s CEO.

It’s a fast-charging infrastructure that’s as flexible as it is easy to install, featuring an integrated battery system that can connect to the low-voltage grid.

It doesn’t require the addition of a specific transformer or expensive construction work.

Its two terminals guarantee a charging speed of 150 kW, allowing for a range recovery of 160 km in just 10 minutes, depending on the vehicle type.

“Elli is already one of Europe’s primary providers of electric mobility services. However, our customers’ requirements extend beyond the quantity of available infrastructure. That’s why we’re increasingly focusing on the quality of the charging experience,” said Palazzo.

In this regard, Elli now provides its customers with access to the “Selected Partner Network,” a network of charging station operators selected based on precise quality criteria.

This network offers high-quality charging points with top-performing infrastructure, all necessary facilities and amenities (cafes, restaurants, restrooms), and optimal operational security.

Elli Drive Highway cardholders also benefit from exclusive rates.

Currently, the Selected Partner Network includes, among others, the IONITY network in Europe, Audi’s charging stations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and the Ewiva network in Italy.

“Innovations in charging solutions and the energy sector are crucial for the success of electromobility and decarbonization of our society,” commented Palazzo.

“In the future, Elli will focus on electric vehicle batteries, an essential energy storage solution to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and the fluctuating availability of renewable energy. This is what we call the ‘battery under management’ strategy,” he added.

The CEO continued to refer to a significant milestone in the energy sector: “Our goal is to invest in software and establish ourselves as a leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions.”

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