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Date: June 19, 2024
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini
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Open letter from the eMobility sector following Wayne Griffiths’ departure from ANFAC

Following the announcement of his resignation from the presidency of the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC), industry representatives such as Jordi Hereu, Faconauto, KIA, Volkswagen, and others responded to the statement released by Wayne Griffiths.
Open letter from the eMobility sector following Wayne Griffiths' departure from ANFAC
Wayne Griffiths, Executive President of Seat and Cupra.

A few days ago, the Executive President of Seat and CupraWayne Griffiths, announced his resignation from the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC) due to the “inaction of the Government in favor of electrification.”

Primarily concerning the promotion of incentives to foster electric mobility within the national territory.

“In December I renewed my position as president because the Government committed to being an ally of the sector and to quickly implement concrete and effective measures,” he mentioned in the statement. 

And he adds: “At the ANFAC Forum last February, Pedro Sánchez also committed to reviewing the Moves Plan and promoting charging infrastructure. These measures have not arrived.”

Jordi Hereu (Minister of Industry and Tourism).

In response, the Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, declares that Griffiths’ resignation is “a wake-up call that we have to keep in mind.”

“I hope to continue counting on the drive, the enthusiasm, the energy of Wayne Griffiths,” he emphasizes.

However, in his participation in the 35th Business Trobada al Pirineu he highlights the work of the Administration in this sector, ensuring that “they are not investing hundreds, but billions of euros.” 

As in turn, they would find themselves considering the demands of the industry regarding the improvement of the charging network and the implementation of new, clearer incentives for consumers. 

This is one of the main requirements for the renewal of the Moves Plan.

Specifically, one of the most recurring proposals is the advance of aid to buyers or the deduction of this at the time of purchase. 

This is because, since they are not direct and there is no certainty about the concession period, they would only incentivize those who can finance the transaction without needing support. 

In addition, the process is expected to be expedited, especially for fast and ultra-fast charging, the deployment of which can take months or even years to complete.

Aligning with Griffiths’ claim, the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (SERNAUTO) indicates:

“For our part, we are not going to compromise on our efforts and we need the Public Administrations to implement the mechanisms and measures that allow us to promote the transformation.”

Stephane de Creisquer (MAN Truck & Bus Iberia).

Added to this are representatives of prominent companies in the sector such as Stephane de Creisquer, CEO at MAN Truck & Bus Iberia, who said:

“I share that politicians have not lived up to what the market required and we are risking many jobs in this change.”

It should be noted that the automotive sector as a whole represents 10 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) and more than two million quality and stable jobs, according to data cited by SERNAUTO.

Eduardo Divar (KIA Spain).

Eduardo Dívar , General Director of Kia Spain , was not far behind.

The ANFAC member also emphasizes that “we cannot work like this.” 

“The president of the government promised last February that the electric vehicle would be supported and a renewed Moves would be launched before the current one expired on July 31, but still nothing at all,” he emphasizes. 

And he adds that the automobile sector “cannot do everything,” but rather the help of the administration is needed.

Alberto Molina Aracil (MSX International).

In dialogue with Mobility Portal EspañaAlberto Molina Aracil, Director of Future Mobility Learning at MSX International, emphasizes this point.

“The Government is not doing its duties with the same intensity and with the same speed that the current circumstances require,” he details.

“While the private sector and the different associations within the sector are taking the steps and doing the tasks with private capital , with our effort and with the individual strategic plans of each company,” he says.

And the Moves III Plan is not the only one that worries the eMobility industry.

At the same time, the Moves MITMA program, aimed at the acquisition of low- and zero-emission industrial vehicles and buses, concluded on April 30 and there is still no indication of new support for transporters.

No dates are established or a calendar is drawn up, and in the end, everything comes down to a politician in a photograph,” he says.

For all these reasons, Wayne Griffiths’ resignation is not a surprise

Furthermore, Marta Blázquez, President of Faconauto, details in a statement that the resignation of the Executive President of Seat and Cupra “symbolizes the concern of a sector that, despite having a good dialogue with the Government, does not see concrete results from that dialogue”.

“We want to thank Wayne Griffiths for his work in favor of the sector, especially his clear commitment to electrification in our country,” he says.

This is also what SERNAUTO does, especially its President Francisco J. Riberas, who appreciates the “enormous drive and close collaboration maintained during his mandate,” which dates back to 2022.

Francisco J. Riberas (Sernauto), Marta Blázquez (Faconauto) and Wayne Griffiths.

The Volkswagen Group joins these messages.

Both José Miguel Aparicio, Audi General Director, and Paco Pérez Botello, President, express their support for the representative of Seat and Cupra.

“You have all our support to continue promoting electrification and the dream that we share of turning Spain into a great Hub for the electric car, and thus ensuring the future of an industry that, if we did not have it, we would dream of having,” says Botello.

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