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Date: January 29, 2024
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Tesla lands in Chile and the industry “pushes” for the landing in a new market

After months of speculation and rumors, the American company Tesla has finally announced its arrival in Chile. Now, industry leaders are pushing for the entry into a new market in the Southern Cone. Which one is it?

Tesla’s launch event in Chile is scheduled for next Wednesday, January 31st, at Parque Arauco.

The company has sent invitations to the specialized press and brand enthusiasts to witness this milestone.

The opening of Tesla’s first store in Chile marks a significant step for electromobility in the country.

Attendees at the event will have the opportunity to get up close with the models that will be available and, who knows, even schedule a test drive to experience driving a Tesla.

Although it has not been officially confirmed which models will be available in the Chilean store, it is speculated -according to Reporte Diario- that they could be the Model 3, Model S, Model X, or Model Y.

These vehicles represent the cutting edge in terms of technology and sustainability, and their arrival in Chile will mark a before and after in the national automotive industry.

The arrival in Chile

Tesla’s arrival in Chile is a significant milestone for the country, demonstrating the growing interest in electromobility and the adoption of clean technologies.

Furthermore, Tesla’s presence in the local market will drive competition and foster innovation in the automotive sector.

In summary, Tesla’s arrival in Chile is excellent news for electric car enthusiasts and those seeking more sustainable mobility options.

The launch event promises to be exciting and will mark the beginning of a new era in the Chilean automotive industry.

The electric vehicle manufacturer has also been hiring staff for positions in Santiago, including a country manager. There are still three vacant positions on LinkedIn.

Tesla joins its biggest rival in the electric vehicle field in Chile, the Chinese company BYD Co.

The Chinese company launched its Seal sedan in Santiago last year as part of its venture into Latin America.

Tesla in Uruguay?

The arrival of Tesla in Uruguay is a goal of the government and business leaders in the country, to the point that efforts have already been made to make the electric vehicle manufacturing company led by magnate Elon Musk establish a presence.

In this context, the president of the Zonamerica free trade zone, Orlando Dovat, once again urged Musk to define Tesla’s landing in Uruguayan territory.

“Congratulations to Elon Musk and Tesla for making history with the first Tesla store in Latin America, set in beautiful Chile,” expressed Dovat through X.

The businessman took the opportunity to renew his request.

“Inspired by this innovative move, let’s keep the momentum going! Next stop: Uruguay!” wrote Dovat and listed a series of benefits of the country, which he described as “a green powerhouse.”

Zonamerica’s representative emphasized that Uruguay boasts “economic stability, ecological initiatives, and a central location,” while recalling that “200 Teslas are already circulating on our streets, a testament to the trust.”

Finally, Dovat highlighted that “hydroelectric and wind energy dominate our landscape,” so, tagging Musk, he pointed out, “We are ready for a sustainable shift to electric vehicles. Your small investment can bring about a big change.”

Meanwhile, officials from the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Mining (MIEM) held a meeting with representatives of the company in mid-2023.

At that time, the goal was for the country to become the entry point for the US company in the region, a goal that Chile ultimately achieved.

However, in the territory, there is a fleet of over 200 electric vehicles, and the government aspires to become “a platform for the development of their sales and maintenance operations.”

It’s worth noting that the offering of electric cars increased significantly in 2023, growing by 54 per cent in the last 12 months, with an average 11.4 per cent drop in prices measured in dollars.

To learn all the news about electromobility in Latin America, visit Mobility Portal Latinoamérica.

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