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Date: May 21, 2024
Angeles Fonti
By Angeles Fonti
Latin America

Enel X is committed to overnight charging and infrastructure in major cities

Sebastián Tello, Operations Manager of e-mobility at Enel X for Chile, outlines how the various aspects of the company converge to achieve a successful case. All the details of their participation in the Mobility Portal Summit.
Enel X Mobility Portal

Fleets with overnight charging management, the installation of chargers in large cities and regions are some of the focuses that Enel X will be addressing in its recipe to drive electromobility in the region.

This is indicated by Sebastián Tello, Operations Manager of e-mobility at Enel X for Chile, on the first day of the International Mobility Portal Summit, organised by Mobility Portal Latinoamérica.

“The segment of charging that can be oriented during the night is where we have the greatest electrification ease,” he explains.

This strategy is based on the premise that if a fleet of vehicles can charge overnight and be ready to operate during the day, efficiency is maximized and the impact on the daily routine of operations is minimized.

Tello emphasizes that this not only involves the installation of suitable charging points, but also the availability of sufficient electrical power at the charging locations.

Talking about ease of connection also has to do with the available power we have at the location,” he underscores.

Furthermore, within Enel X’s plan, priority is given to the installation of alternating current (AC) chargers with a single-phase connection component.

Their project at Parque Arauco is an example of how the various aspects of the company converge to achieve a successful case.

This is “Green Park,” the largest public electric vehicle charging center in Latin America, which transformed the shopping center into the first in the country to have such a space for public use.

Firstly, within the equation, there is a willingness to provide physical space, such as that offered by this mall, for the installation of charging infrastructure.

“This willingness is combined with the necessary investment and available technology to create charging facilities in these spaces,” he emphasizes.

Additionally, there is a solid business model that facilitates the replication of similar projects over time.

An important point to highlight is that, once the mall closes its doors, this business model continues to operate.

During the day, a significant number of chargers are available for use by the mall’s customers, while at night, these are exclusively used by the 170 electric units of Kia Niro EV vehicles.

They are managed by Tucar and made available to Uber driver partners through the rental modality.

The chargers have a power of seven kilowatts and allow for a full vehicle charge in a few hours. They have 100% renewable energy thanks to a contract with Enel Generación.

To use these chargers, customers must have their Enel X Way RFID card and/or download the Enel X Way App for free, where users can interact with the smart charging platform, enabling easy use and payment, thus achieving complete control of the charging experience.

What other challenges does ENEL X face in 2024?

The company is executing a plan to expand in major cities and urban areas where the demand for electric chargers is highest.

“In Chile, public policies are associated with projects such as “Mi taxi eléctrico” and “mi colectivo eléctrico” that are reaching the regions,” adds Tello.

This focus on public policies is combined with monitoring the development of fleet electrification in regional areas and closely observing private vehicle sales through the NAC (New Automobile Association), where the increase or decrease in electric vehicle sales is analysed.

These three pillars are generating greater demand for chargers in cities and large urban areas.

Given this scenario, they seek to expand the installation of chargers to regional areas.

“However, we do not want to abandon the plan to install chargers on highways or motorways that connect these major urban areas,” he announces regarding the plan to install chargers in the country.

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