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Date: August 29, 2023
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Enel X Way to Install More Chargers for Abellio London in September

This year, Enel X Way will focus on increasing the charging capacity of Abellio's electric bus terminals. They will also work on electrifying last-mile fleets.
Enel x Way Abellio London
Abellio operates more than 800 buses at six terminals in London.

In September, Enel X Way will install the recharging infrastructure for more electric buses from the transport company Abellio London Bus.

To learn more details, Mobility Portal Europe spoke with Martin Navarro, Director U.K. and Head of France and Northern Europe at Enel X Way, who stated:

“The initiative we carried out last year was a milestone for Europe, where we electrified four Abellio terminals: Battersea, Dawley Road, Beddington, and Twickenham, which was the last one.”

We have just won another extension for a new project within the same depot, which will be our largest initiative in the UK,” he added.

Martin Navarro, Director U.K. and Head of France and Northern Europe at Enel X Way.
Martin Navarro, Director U.K. and Head of France and Northern Europe at Enel X Way.

This plan is expected to begin its implementation between September and October this year.

Beddington has five 300-kilowatt (kW) chargers, Dawley Road has six 300 kW chargers, and Twickenham has sixteen 150 kW chargers.

As for Battersea, it has eleven dual 22 kW chargers, one 150 kW charger, and an additional six 150 kW chargers in the second phase.

On another note, it is worth recalling that in September 2022, Enel X Way announced the completion of the first electric bus project in the UK at the Hayes depot, west of London.

While the depot initially had 12 next-generation buses, the existing infrastructure can quickly be expanded to accommodate up to 56 units.

“The UK will have banned the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, which is why we noticed that fleet electrification in Europe has grown by over 80%,” acknowledges Navarro.

And he clarifies: “Enel X Way focuses on this segment, and it is where our team is growing the most, as it is expanding rapidly.”

Currently, Abellio operates more than 800 buses at six terminals in London, serving over 150 million customers per year on behalf of Transport for London (TfL).

This company covers routes in the central, southern, and western parts of the English capital.

Abellio’s 111th electric bus is now in operation

In July, the 111th electric bus of Abellio has started operating on the route 111 in the west of London.

This electric fleet, operating on the route 111, consists of Wrightbus Electroliner vehicles and will be based at Abellio’s Twickenham depot.

The Wrightbus Electroliners were designed with customer comfort in mind, featuring a high-performance interior filled with innovative features.

Jon Eardley, Managing Director of Abellio London, remarked, “We are delighted that our 111th electric bus has started serving London on route 111.”

“Abellio is leading the way in providing cleaner and more comfortable electric transport for our customers. We are incredibly proud of this milestone for our business,” he added.

Jon Eardley, Managing Director of Abellio London
Jon Eardley, Managing Director of Abellio London.

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