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Date: March 21, 2024
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Enersense is offering a “unique charging concept” to European customers: What features does it have?

The company has developed a charging concept where the power can be scaled for example between 160 kW and 960 kW with two chargers. Now, Enersense is seeking customers, resellers and installation/maintenance partners.
Enersense chargers

The Finnish company Enersense Charging, a part of the Enersense Group, a publicly traded energy company on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, develops and manufactures advanced DC fast chargers in Finland.

These are reliable, technologically top-notch and boast unique features that make them best in class, also considering the total cost of ownership

One of the most striking solutions is the 960-kilowatt charging field, consisting of two 160-kilowatt ECDC chargers and one 640-kilowatt Booster unit.

Enersense solutions.
Enersense solutions.

This solution ensures a high charging power of 240 kilowatts when charging from all four plugs at the same time.

Such solutions are ideal for cases where customers require high power levels, such as charging truck batteries, as users can receive power without complications.

It’s worth mentioning that Enersense also offers a 640-kilowatt charging field, consisting of four interconnected 160-kilowatt ECDC chargers which can dynamically share the power between them and provide for example 400 kilowatts from one charging point or 80 kilowatts from all eight charging points at the same time.

 Topias Koskela, Head of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions at Enersense.
Topias Koskela, Head of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions at Enersense.

“The benefit is that there is a lower investment in the charging field for the customer,” explains Topias Koskela, Head of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions at Enersense, in dialogue with Mobility Portal Europe.

It’s noteworthy that the company launched its first-generation 30-kilowatt charger in 2019 which already then had a contactless payment terminal integrated.

Building on the experience with this product, Enersense introduced the second-generation charger last year, which is currently their focus.

“Its benefits lie in its low lifetime costs, as we use smart logics to optimise the load of the power electronics,” says Johan Wangel, Sales Manager at the company.

Johan Wangel, Sales Manager at Enersense.
Johan Wangel, Sales Manager at Enersense.

The reason for Enersense’s success is partly due to the years of experience the company possesses.

“Our background is different from other players. We come from the installation and maintenance business and have seen what works in the market and what doesn’t for other charger manufacturers,” acknowledges the Sales Manager.

And he emphasizes, “We try to keep it as simple as possible. Installation and maintenance costs are lower when time and material is saved.”

The chargers and boosters can be installed with lower power in the beginning and customers can gradually add more power modules as needed.

This task can easily be done by one electrician as the power modules weigh less than 20 kilograms each and the cabling is ready inside of the devices.

Additionally, the Sales Manager explains that even if all the power modules fail in one charger, users can still obtain energy, as it can be “borrowed” from the adjacent charger.

And he continues, “We have a solid foundation as a company. We’ve been in EV business since 2017, with strong support in Finland.”

This has led Enersense to be in discussions with multiple charging point operators (CPOs) today.

“Our products adapt to different use cases, both to the need for high-power charging with the booster and lower powers, for example, for supermarkets and logistics companies,” Wangel indicates.

The company is also collaborating with other companies in the sector, such as payment solutions providers and EMPSs.

About Enersense

Enersense International Plc is an energy company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, offering green energy services for the implementation of a large-scale self-sufficient and emission-free society.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Pori, Finland, the company operates in three business areas: Power, Connectivity and Industry.

Enersense is heavily involved in creating a zero-emission society, pioneering in these times of change.

Its versatile services help Nordic and international businesses succeed in the industries of energy, telecommunications, and construction.

Currently, the company employs 2,000 people in Finland and internationally, working towards a more sustainable and cleaner future.

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