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Date: February 2, 2024
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Evectra unveils its strategy for 2024: “We are seeking larger eMobility projects”

David Rodríguez, CEO of Evectra, reveals exclusively to Mobility Portal España the details of the company's roadmap for the current year, which includes promoting charging hubs for electric trucks.

The transition towards electric mobility in Spain is evident, and the arrival of electric trucks in the eMobility market is a reality for which Evectra is already preparing.

In the context of a series of exclusive interviews with Mobility Portal España, David Rodríguez, Co-founder and CEO of the company, shares details about the goals the company has planned for 2024.

“We expect to tackle larger projects, such as the new charging hubs for electric trucks, which we are beginning to work on,” he emphasizes.

This strategy includes the implementation of high-power chargers.

Not only that, but throughout the year, they aim to continue growing with their current team and keep training personnel.

Their 2023 was marked by strong growth in the market, which they hope to maintain this year, surpassing 30%.

Simultaneously, they have achieved their goals of implementing new projects outside of Spain.

In addition to their presence in France, Belgium, and Portugal, Italy now joins, as well as other destinations outside the continent, such as the Dominican Republic.

In this location, they are developing an advisory project to introduce electric buses.

This initiative involves evaluating the island’s energy capacity to charge vehicles overnight.

Evectra subjects these projects to a thorough analysis, assessing their feasibility, considering the challenges and specific requirements of each location.

This way, erroneous investments are avoided.

“For 2024, we expect to start working in Colombia, Chile, and Saudi Arabia, where we have already started making contacts,” highlights the CEO.

Particularly considering that these countries are venturing into the development of fast-charging projects for both electric cars and buses.

They also have a presence in Brazil, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Angola, Peru, and Panama.

What are Evectra’s success stories?

In line with a very positive 2023, Rodríguez reveals the success stories that distinguished Evectra, among which their contribution to the electrification of the bus fleets of TMB Barcelona and EMT Madrid stands out.

They have also supported other smaller fleets.

“Helping these customers electrify their fleets is very important because urban buses will be electric,” says the company’s Co-founder.

In addition to this success story, they provide engineering support to charging point operators and energy companies that are implementing charging stations throughout the national territory.

In this regard, Evectra contributes to the standardization and optimization of these hubs.

The consulting and engineering company adds value through ad hoc projects, tailor-designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

The firm analyses the project and understands the client’s true needs in terms of technical solutions, with the aim of optimizing those solutions.

“This is part of our project-level innovation,” he assures.

Their focus is clear: to become an independent company and provide maximum advice to their clients in all aspects.

This way, they ensure that the charging point installations are carried out efficiently, meeting established deadlines and minimizing possible inconveniences to the maximum.

Ten years ago, Evectra started its journey by installing the first fast-charging point at the municipal terminal in Barcelona, with a power of 50 kilowatts.

Currently, the company has a multidisciplinary team and can pride itself on collaborating with top-level companies and institutions, including Tesla.

With them, it contributes to the installation of fast-charging points in the Catalan Community.

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