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Date: April 5, 2024
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Fastned and Arval launch an appealing charging offer for leased electric vehicles

Drivers with Arval will be able to benefit from attractive offers and seamless charging service across Fastned's extensive European network, thanks to Arval Energy, an initiative for leased vehicles.
Fastned and Arval launch an attractive charging offer.

Fastned, the European fast-charging company, is launching a new partnership with Arval, a leading European provider of full-service leasing and multi-mobility solutions.

Arval drivers will benefit from attractive charging offers and enjoy a seamless charging experience across Fastned’s entire fast-charging network in Europe, through Arval Energy, an initiative dedicated to developing smart charging for leased vehicles.

With this new partnership, Fastned and Arval are joining forces to help fleet managers, businesses, and individuals transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and reduce their carbon footprint.

Through this partnership, Arval clients and drivers can expect easy access to Fastned‘s award-winning, high-quality charging experience at over 1,700 chargers in more than 300 fast-charging stations across seven European countries.

Fastned has always focused on providing the most reliable fast-charging experience.

With an industry-leading uptime performance of over 99 per cent and a top-performing session success rate, Fastned’s ambition is to make range anxiety a thing of the past.

Both companies aim to offer a market-leading charging package.

Additionally, a practical information package full of electric vehicle knowledge will be provided to Arval drivers to help them start their electric journey with peace of mind.

With a goal of 1,000 fast-charging stations in Europe by 2030, Fastned is excited to support Arval’s sustainability strategy, particularly its ambition to have 350,000 battery EVs in its fleet by 2025, reducing the overall CO₂ emissions of its fleet by 35 per cent to an average of 93g per vehicle per kilometer.

Founded in 2012, Fastned’s mission is to provide freedom to electric drivers and accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

With only sustainable energy from the sun and wind, every kilowatt-hour charged at Fastned stations avoids CO₂ emissions.

In 2023 alone, the renewable energy charged at Fastned’s stations enabled driving a distance of close to 500 million electric kilometers.

Total emissions avoided since Fastned was founded now stand at 171,749 tonnes of CO₂.

In addition to Arval Charging Services, an all-in-one package including the charging station with the leasing of a battery EV, this new joint offer with Fastned provides freedom to Arval drivers in choosing where to charge, whether on a long cross-country road trip or daily commute routines.

With this innovative and timely offering, Arval contributes to making the switch to electric mobility easier and more convenient for everyone.

Fastned is proud of this impactful new partnership that will contribute to further reducing CO2 emissions, as explained by Lieke Duijmelings, Commercial Director at Fastned:

“Since its founding in 2012, Fastned’s mission has been to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. Our ambition with our new partner, Arval, is to actively increase the number of EVs on European roads by offering Arval’s fast-growing electric fleet easy access to our European high-density network and hassle-free charging experience”.

And she adds: “We are thrilled to support Arval’s electrification journey as they’ve set ambitious goals for their fleet. This partnership will avoid many tonnes of CO2 emissions as more drivers choose electric driving and charging with renewable energy sourced from Fastned.”

About Fastned

Fastned’s high network density and award-winning charging experience are success factors when jump-starting electric driving, turning range anxiety into ancient history.

Since 2012, the Dutch company’s focus has always been to deliver the most reliable fast-charging experience and offer the best success rate and uptime among competitors.

Over the years, Fastned’s charging concept has been rated by EV drivers and industry experts in various countries as one of Europe’s most preferred fast-charging networks.

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