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Date: February 28, 2024
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FlixBus pilots first electric coach service for England and Wales

From March 21 to June 2024, users will be able to test the zero-emission vehicle on a FlixBus route between London, Bristol, and Newport (South Wales).

FlixBus, the travel technology company, announced the launch of a pilot for the first 100 per cent electric long-distance coach service in England and Wales.

From March 21 to June 2024, users will be able to test the zero-emission vehicle on a FlixBus route between London, Bristol, and Newport (South Wales).

The unit will be tested for three months on the FlixBus long-distance bus network with the operating partner Newport Transport.

“This is a significant step forward for the UK coach sector, transforming the mode of transportation that already has low carbon emissions to zero emissions at the tailpipe through innovative technology,” says Andreas Schorling, Managing Director of FlixBus UK.

He continues: “As the first long-distance electric coach service in England and Wales, we are sending a powerful message about our ongoing commitment to offer even more sustainable travel options for the public and our determination to drive the necessary change to reduce the impact on the climate.”

The electric vehicle has a 282 kWh battery and will be charged at a Transport UK London Bus depot (formerly known as Abellio) in Battersea, London, and at the Newport Transport headquarters in South Wales.

Jon Eardley, Managing Director of Transport UK London Bus, states: “We are delighted to support FlixBus in this project to bring electric vehicles to the long-distance coach market, charging using our state-of-the-art ultra-fast charger system.”

With ticket prices starting from 2.99 pounds, the 46-seat unit includes a toilet, USB charging points, and free Wi-Fi for all customers as standard on FlixBus services, in addition to complying with PSVAR, allowing wheelchair passenger travel.

The vehicle will save 352 kilograms of carbon emissions per day driven on this route compared to an average diesel coach, as well as improving air quality.

This equates to a reduction of over 21 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) during the pilot period.

If the pilot were to run daily for a full year, this would equate to a saving of over 126 tonnes of CO2.

Newport Transport, the main provider of municipal bus services in Newport, operates 60 percent of its daily local bus services with zero emissions at the tailpipe.

David Jenkins, Acting Managing Director of Newport Transport, comments: “FlixBus, as a global leader in travel technology, is the brand with the passion and ambition to make this vision a reality, and we are delighted to partner on such a groundbreaking pilot project.

“Newport Transport has been leading the way in incorporating electric vehicles into our network of local bus services in Southeast Wales and England, and bringing this electric vehicle to the interurban coach market is the next big step,” he adds.

FlixBus now has over 60 destinations in its UK network, as well as daily services to mainland Europe.

The parent company Flix, operating in 43 countries across four continents, has tested electric vehicles in various markets and aims to achieve carbon neutrality across Europe by 2040.

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