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Date: January 23, 2024
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Full&Fast stands out in the charging sector with a “sustainable and profitable” offer

During their participation in the interview series by Mobility Portal Spain, Pablo Suárez, Director of Operations, outlines Full&Fast's strategic plan to make energy accessible in the electric vehicle charging process.
Full Fast

In 2017, Full&Fast was born as a sustainable alternative to the gasoline generator, providing access to fast charging and green energy.

Pablo Suárez.

“We work to make energy accessible, differentiating ourselves from the competition through our sustainable and profitable proposition,” highlights Pablo Suárez, Chief Operating Officer of the company.

During the interview series conducted by Mobility Portal España as part of the Global Mobility Call (GMC), he details that they have agreements with banking groups to finance their equipment and projects.

The company stands out for providing solutions at events that require energy, such as tests of new vehicles.

Manufacturers of trucks, vans, and light vehicles are added to their client portfolio.

Not only that, but the firm also rents charging solutions for electric cars intended for companies with leasing and car-sharing fleets.

This is because some organizations face difficulties in obtaining the necessary power to electrify when acquiring electric vehicles.

Full&Fast addresses this shortage by renting equipment capable of storing sustainable energy.

However, now their focus is primarily on truck fleets, “due to the considerable amount of energy they demand and the investments they must face.”

In this context, regulations regarding the electrification of trucks present an opportunity that supports their business model.

The European Union has committed to achieving a zero-carbon emissions target by 2050, in accordance with the European Climate Law.

This implies that all mobility sectors must contribute to decarbonization, including road transport, which accounts for approximately 29% of emissions in Spain.

Truck electrification emerges as a key element, accompanied by the development of charging infrastructure and the adaptation of the electrical grid, involving significant investments.

Facing this challenge, Full&Fast offers comprehensive charging and access to energy solutions for electric mobility.

We seek to prevent customers from making fixed investments, in addition to waiting for the deadlines of the energy sector,” details Suárez.

Instead, they provide a flexible and agile rental service tailored to the customer’s needs.

In that line, they present portable solutions using batteries to supply electrical power adapted to the specificities of each sector, wherever the user needs it.

These solutions address specific needs for the supply of electrical power and/or capacity, ensuring the stability of the installation and absorbing excess demand from the grid.

They also balance consumption.

The main advantage lies in providing user-adapted solutions to make electrical power easily and cost-effectively available for the customer.

In their electric vehicle charging offering, they provide three solutions:

  • Fixed charging up to 500 kW: up to 550 km in 10 minutes, with dual connectors for simultaneous and universally compatible charging with all electric car models.
  • Fixed charging plus accumulation up to 360 kW: this is ultra-fast charging that leverages existing low-voltage infrastructure.
  • Mobile charging up to 180 kW: designed to provide a positive user experience, this option offers fast and convenient charging at an accessible cost.
Full&Fast’s portable solutions for electric vehicle charging.

One of the features of their development to contribute to the business model is the fact of being compatible with all the green codes of Europe.

Although Suárez does not rule out the possibility of expanding to other regions, such as Latin America, in the future.

To maintain its prominent position in this market, Full&Fast has cost-competitive technology, offering various options to companies.

We develop both our hardware and our own software, having registered patents both in Spain and in Europe,” he emphasizes in this regard.

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