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Date: September 8, 2023
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International Clean Air Day: Geotab shares how to achieve fleet electrification

According to Geotab, fleet electrification is becoming a beacon of hope in the cargo transportation industry.

With a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability, the cargo transportation industry in Latin America is undergoing an unprecedented revolution.

At a time when environmental concerns are at the forefront of the global agenda, it is crucial for companies in the sector to seek solutions that prioritize the health of the planet.

The electrification of fleets, a trend promising to change the way we conceive transportation, is on the horizon.

Geotab, a global leader in connected vehicle telematics solutions, is sharing insights on how to address air pollution and prioritize clean air on the International Day of Clean Air, established by the WHO and celebrated on September 7th, as part of the journey toward sustainability through electrification.

According to Geotab, fleet electrification is becoming a beacon of hope in the cargo transportation industry.

As countries strive to meet their environmental commitments and reduce carbon emissions, the adoption of electric vehicles becomes essential.

While Latin America is still in the early stages of this transformation, it is essential for companies to take the initial steps toward electrification.

Despite the challenges such as charging infrastructure, initial costs, and strategic planning, these challenges should not overshadow the potential benefits of this transformation.

Geotab believes that electric vehicles will not only contribute to emissions reduction but also generate long-term savings for companies.

Telematics provides an innovative solution for optimizing the performance of electric vehicles.

By providing real-time information on battery charging, energy consumption, and driving efficiency, telematics empowers companies to make informed decisions to maximize the autonomy and efficiency of their electric fleets.

Furthermore, by mapping the location of charging points and the availability of charging stations, telematics can help plan more efficient routes and ensure that electric vehicles are always ready for their next mission.

In this regard, the combination of fleet electrification and telematics offers a comprehensive and effective approach to achieving both environmental and economic goals in the transportation industry.

Pedro Giraldo, Geotab’s Sustainability Leader for Latin America, commented:

Pedro Giraldo, Geotab's Sustainability Leader for Latin America.
Pedro Giraldo, Geotab’s Sustainability Leader for Latin America.

“On the occasion of International Clean Air Day, which will be celebrated in a few days, we emphasize the importance of addressing air pollution and prioritizing healthy air for all. Fleet electrification is a crucial piece of this puzzle. Although there is still a long way to go in Latin America, we are on the right path toward a cleaner and more sustainable future in the cargo transportation industry”.

“Collaboration among all stakeholders, along with the adoption of telematics technologies and electric vehicles, will allow us to achieve our sustainability goals and contribute to the well-being of the planet and future generations,” he added.

On this International Clean Air Day, Geotab aims to promote a culture of positive impact through sustainability.

By leveraging its telematics solutions, which help fleets gain greater awareness of their electricity consumption and driving efficiency, Geotab is leading in creating a healthier environment.

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