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Date: October 3, 2023
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GMC increases national and international participation by 76% in its second edition

In total, 104 companies will be present at the GMC Expo space, showcasing their key innovations and technological development and innovation solutions for the future of mobility.
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The GMC Expo space will host the participation of 104 companies from various sectors, marking a 76% increase compared to last year.

The strong sectoral and corporate representation at the second edition of Global Mobility Call (GMC) solidifies it as the only dedicated event for sustainable mobility on the international agenda.

The numbers for this edition, which has seen a 76% increase in participation compared to 2022, along with the presence of international companies representing 25% of the total in this edition, up from 10% in the previous edition, confirm this event as the premier platform for showcasing, networking, and generating new business opportunities and public-private collaboration for sustainable mobility.

All modes of transportation and related sectors will be represented at this international gathering, from road transport by bus to long-distance and commuter rail, metro, air transport, maritime, and the presence of shared mobility, infrastructure, construction, and energy companies.

Additionally, the event will feature consumer goods companies, banks, technology firms, mobility service providers, sustainability specialists, legal firms, road safety experts, as well as public administrations such as municipalities, regional governments, and national governments with their urban planning and city development departments.

The event will bring together 10,000 high-profile professional participants, with 60% holding senior management positions, in addition to an estimated 15,000 participants via the digital platform.

You can register here before October 16th and take advantage of a discount of up to 50% on your pass.

Innovation and Exciting Developments at the GMC Expo

The spotlight of this new event, featuring the offerings of over a hundred exhibiting companies and partners, will be on technological development and innovation aimed at sustainable mobility solutions. They will showcase their latest innovations.

Among the highlights, there will be the unveiling of the new 24H Le Mans car on October 24th and the presence of the first Spanish drone-powered air taxi.

Additionally, EDP, the Main Itinerary Partner of the event, will bring a Formula E simulator.

The ONCE Foundation will introduce a guide robot for the visually impaired.

SETGA will focus on VIAK, its pedestrian lighting systems.

GSS POWER will showcase its ultra-fast vehicle chargers.

Teralco will present “Commutie,” its collaborative platform promoting sustainable mobility.

Sisas will promote its “Pedestrian Save” safety system and its safety device for bike lanes, “ECO Bike”.

And CIIMA-UP4 comes as a collaboration between knowledge, through four polytechnic universities, and the industrial sector, offering mobility and transportation solutions for the future.

In addition to these highlights, many exclusive presentations of new developments are expected during the three-day event, with announcements coming in the coming days.

The premier platform for exhibition, networking, and business opportunities

The GMC Expo space will host the participation of 104 companies from various sectors, marking a 76% increase compared to last year, making it the largest gathering aimed at fostering public-private collaboration between government agencies and the business sector.

You can view the complete list of exhibitors and participants here.

International participation has also grown in this edition, with 1 in 4 participating companies coming from other countries. This significantly raises the number of international companies at GMC, representing 25% of the total participation.

On the international stage, Italy’s participation has been confirmed as a collaborating country through the Italian Trade Agency (ICE).

ICE will promote Italian SMEs and startups in an 80m2 exhibition space, where eight Italian companies will showcase “Made in Italy” technologies and innovation in various sustainable mobility sectors.

On the national front, the event will have partners such as ADIF, RENFE, Iberia, Iberdrola, Indra, BP, EDP, EMT, Metro de Madrid, Avanza, Cepsa, Uber, HVR, Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid, PwC, Sistem, Ulity, Arriva, Total Energies, and ETRA, participating alongside companies, organizations, and startups.

Global Mobility Call will take place from October 24th to 26th, organized by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub.

Mobility Portal Europe will attend the GMC event to cover the latest developments.

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